What languages belong in the Iranian group?

What languages belong in the Iranian group?

Iranian languages are divided into two major groups, East and West Iranian. Among the modern languages, Persian and Kurdish belong to the western group, while Pashto and Ossetic belong to the eastern group.

What language is spoken in eastern Iran?

The chief of these is Persian (known in Persian as Fārsī), a West Iranian language and the national language of Iran, which is spoken by about 30,000,000 people as a native language. A dialect of Persian known as Dari is recognized, moreover, as a second language in Afghanistan.

What are the three major Iranian group languages?

Languages of Iran Although Persian (Farsi) is the predominant and official language of Iran, a number of languages and dialects from three language families—Indo-European, Altaic, and Afro-Asiatic—are spoken.

What is name of Iran language?

Iran/Official languages
Persian, known to its native Iranian speakers as Farsi, is the official language of modern day Iran, parts of Afghanistan and the central Asian republic of Tajikistan. Persian is one of the most important members of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family of languages.

What is the most spoken language in the Indo-Iranian language family?

Speakers of modern Iranian languages number between 150 and 200 million; Persian, Pashto, and Kurdish are the most widely spoken of these languages. Speakers of modern Indo-Aryan languages number more than 800 million persons; Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and Urdu are the most widely spoken of these languages.

What kind of language is the Iranian language?

The Iranian Language Family is part of the Indo-Iranian (or Aryan 1) language group, itself the major eastern branch of the Indo-European languages.

Which is the easternmost dialect of Iran?

Sarīkolī, the easternmost of these dialects, is spoken in northwestern China. Speakers of Wakhī number more than 50,000 or so in the region of the upper Panj River.

Which is the most extinct language in Iran?

Most Parthian belongs to the first three centuries ce. Middle Persian and Parthian, extinct West Iranian languages, were doubtlessly similar enough to be mutually intelligible, but they differ so greatly from the eastern group of Middle Iranian languages that those must have appeared to be almost foreign languages.

Are there any dialects of Persian in Afghanistan?

Although spoken in a few villages in Afghanistan, two languages have features closely associating them with Western Iranian. These are Parāchī, spoken in the Hindu Kush north of Kabul, and Ormurī, found in two dialects, one in the Lowgar River valley south of Kabul and the other in Kāniguram in Wazīristān.