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What level can you solo Zakum?

What level can you solo Zakum?

Easy Zakum can be taken on at level 50.

When can I do Chaos Zakum?

Easy can be done at 130, while Normal is recommended to be completed at 160 (Normal HT is level 160).

How do you make easy Zakum?

You can head to Zakum either by:

  1. using the boss matchmaking tool, or.
  2. taking the Pantheon portal in six path crossway and taking it again from the other side to go wherever you want (El Nath being the proper choice for Zakum), then heading to the Classmasters’ House and talking to your class’ master.

How do I teleport to Zakum?

Tip: For quick access, take the black taxi at the far right of El Nath. The taxi will teleport you to Ice Valley II, where you climb up ravines until you reach El Nath: The Door to Zakum.

How many lives does chaos Pink Bean have?

Players have individual death counts of 5. After all 5 deaths are used up, the player will stay dead until either (Chaos) Pink Bean is defeated or until all remaining players use up their 5 deaths. Chaos Pink Bean will have a total of 3 bodies.

How do you get the eye of fire?

When talking to Adobis at Entrance to Zakum Altar or Entrance to Chaos Zakum Altar, you will receive 1 Eye of Fire if you do not have one in your possession.

What level can you solo easy Cygnus?

Easy Cygnus 500-600k to duo, or solo if you’re good/lucky at not getting hit by tornado+genesis combo. 800-900k to solo if you’re not so sure.

How much HP does Zakum have?

Crumbling Zakum (Boss)
Level 55 HP
EXP 130,000 Knockback
Accuracy 49 Avoidability
Weapon Attack 500 Weapon Defense

How many times can you enter Zakum?

Zakum can be fought once a day for Easy/Normal (shared), and once a week for Chaos. An Eye of Fire is used to summon Zakum (Eye of Fire Chunk for Easy mode). There are a 10-second cooldown and an individual death counter of 5 (50 for Easy mode).

How do you make a Balrog?

To get to Balrog, go to the Sleepywood dungeon and go down the stairs all the way to the door. You can teleport close to the entrance by paying the Danger Zone Taxi of Sleepywood or Manji in Perion. However note that balrog’s HP will only be affected after 3 minutes into the fight.

What level can you solo pink beans?

Chaos Pink Bean 800k+ for party, 2-3m to solo.

Is chaos pink bean daily?

Chaos pink bean has as much hp as normal cygnus but gives 4x less mesos and is a daily boss.