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What molecule is responsible for activating p90RSK?

What molecule is responsible for activating p90RSK?

ERK1/2 activation directly phosphorylates and activates p90RSK, which, in turn, activates various signalling events through selection of different phosphorylation substrates.

What is RSK in biology?

The 90 kDa ribosomal S6 kinase (RSK) family of proteins is a group of highly conserved Ser/Thr kinases that regulate diverse cellular processes, such as cell growth, cell motility, cell survival and cell proliferation.

What does MAPK stand for?

Mitogen-activated protein kinase
Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) modules containing three sequentially activated protein kinases are key components of a series of vital signal transduction pathways that regulate processes such as cell proliferation, cell differentiation, and cell death in eukaryotes from yeast to humans (Fig.

What does a kinase do?

Protein kinases (PTKs) are enzymes that regulate the biological activity of proteins by phosphorylation of specific amino acids with ATP as the source of phosphate, thereby inducing a conformational change from an inactive to an active form of the protein.

What regulates protein kinase A?

The unique characteristic of protein kinase A is that its activity is regulated by fluctuating levels of cyclic AMP within cells (hence its alias as the cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase). This enzyme thus functions as the end effector for a variety of hormones that work through a cyclic AMP signalling pathway.

How are kinases activated?

Activation is mediated by binding of cyclic AMP to the regulatory subunits, which causes the release of the catalytic subunits. cAPK is primarily a cytoplasmic protein, but upon activation it can migrate to the nucleus, where it phosphorylates proteins important for gene regulation. Domain movements in protein kinases.

How many variants of P90 RSK are there?

There are three variants of p90 rsk in humans, rsk 1-3. Rsks are serine/threonine kinases and are activated by the MAPK/ERK pathway. There are two known mammalian homologues of S6 Kinase: S6K1 and S6K2 .

Which is the cytosolic substrate of P90 RSK?

Cytosolic substrates of p90 rsk include protein phosphatase 1; glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK3); L1 CAM, a neural cell adhesion molecule; Son of Sevenless, the Ras exchange factor; and Myt1, an inhibitor of cdc2. RSK phosphorylation of SOS1 ( Son of Sevenless) at Serines 1134 and 1161 creates 14-3-3 docking site.

Is there a western blot for phospho-p90rsk?

Western blot analysis of extracts from HeLa and C6 cells, untreated or TPA-treated (200 nM), using Phospho-p90RSK (Ser380) Antibody (upper) or control RSK1/RSK2/RSK3 Rabbit mAb #9355 (lower). This product has been approved for use in this application by CST.

Are there any subfamilies of the protein kinase RSK?

There are two subfamilies of rsk, p90 rsk, also known as MAPK-activated protein kinase-1 (MAPKAP-K1), and p70 rsk, also known as S6-H1 Kinase or simply S6 Kinase. There are three variants of p90 rsk in humans, rsk 1-3. Rsks are serine/threonine kinases and are activated by the MAPK/ERK pathway.