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What nationality is Dennis Basso?

What nationality is Dennis Basso?

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Does Dennis Basso use real fur?

Dennis Basso is currently the premier seller of faux-fur on home-shopping network QVC, where his affordable and elegant outerwear and accessory designs, and home goods are incredibly popular and some of the highest-selling and top-rated on the network—he’s even launched his own fragrance line on QVC, the glass bottle …

Is Dennis Basso a good designer?

A vibrantly talented American designer, Dennis Basso has been hailed by both celebrity and private clients for three decades. Inspired by pure glamour, his collections – from fur and evening wear to bridal and accessories – are consistently featured in the media and at red carpet gatherings worldwide.

How old was Dennis Basso when he died?

Dennis Basso was born on the 25th of February, 1954. He is famous for being a Fashion Designer. A hugely popular fur couturier, he was admired by Rachel Zoe. Dennis Basso’s age is 67.

Who is the interior designer for Dennis Basso?

Interior designer Kenneth Alpert collaborated on the house—which manages to feel both totally relaxed and perfectly conceived. Chinese Export porcelain, striped fabrics, and mahogany and leather accents, all add to the home’s warmth.

What does Dennis Basso do in the summer?

The centerpiece, particularly during the summer, is a plein-air living room that sits poolside, where Basso and Cominotto host dinner parties during the warmer months, honing their reputation for being consummate entertainers. And of course, house guests are de rigueur.

Where does Dennis Basso live in the Hamptons?

The house occupies a special place in the lives of the couple—a weekend retreat, entertaining pad, and a showcase for treasures accumulated from around the world including Aspen, Europe, and the Far East. “We spend all of Christmas time there and extended summer stays,” Basso said. “It is very much a home for us.”