What other names can you call a polygon?

What other names can you call a polygon?

Polygon names and miscellaneous properties

Name Sides
triangle (or trigon) 3
quadrilateral (or tetragon) 4
pentagon 5
hexagon 6

What is a unique polygon?

The Unique Polygon Theorem is: All regular polygons with the same number of sides are similar.

What are the 7 polygons?

List of n-gons by Greek numerical prefixes

Sides Names
5 pentagon
6 hexagon
7 heptagon septagon
8 octagon

What is the name of a 17 sided polygon?

In geometry, a heptadecagon or 17-gon is a seventeen-sided polygon.

What is the sum of all interior angles of a 16 sided polygon?

Hence sum of interior angles of a convex 16-sided polygon would be 180∘×(16−2)=180∘×14=2520∘ .

What are the names of all the regular polygons?

A few examples of regular polygons are a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and a decagon.

How do you name polygons?

Individual polygons are named (and sometimes classified) according to the number of sides, combining a Greek-derived numerical prefix with the suffix -gon, e.g. pentagon, dodecagon.

What is a real life example of a polygon?

The truss of a building or bridge , the walls of a building etc. are examples of polygons. Trusses are triangular in shape while walls are rectangular shaped. The rectangular part of a chair on which you are sitting on is an example of a polygon. The rectangular shaped screen of your laptop, television or mobile phone is an example of a polygon.

What are all the types of polygons?

In geometry, there are kinds of polygons which can be classified as the simplex or complex polygon, concave or convex polygon and regular or irregular polygon. There are many types in the regular polygons such as quadrilateral, pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon , Octagon, Nonagon , Decagon etc.