What percentage does Pond5 take?

What percentage does Pond5 take?

We give our contributors the flexibility to set pricing for their content, and to earn an industry-leading commission on all sales. Our payout percentages are as follows: Video: Exclusive video contributors receive 60% revenue share. Non-exclusive video contributors receive 40% revenue share.

Is Pond5 royalty free?

U.S. Pond5 is a New York–based online marketplace for royalty-free media. The company licenses stock footage, stock music, stock photography sound effects, after effects, images and 3-D models.

Does Pond5 have subscription?

We’ve Got Plans For Every Project Select a monthly or annual subscription, which includes 120 annual downloads from our special membership collection, featuring more than 13 million stock video, music, and images from the Pond5 marketplace.

What is Pond5 Membership?

The Pond5 Membership Collection is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind. With more than 13 million stock videos, photos, music tracks, sound effects, AE templates, and 3D models to choose from, you’ll get 10X more content than other stock subscriptions – for one low monthly price.

Should I let Pond5 set my price?

There are no hard and fast rules when pricing for audio. Contributors sometimes think that setting at the minimum level will help sales and undercut other artists, but it doesn’t always work that way. Pond5 buyers don’t mind the extra cost if the track is worthwhile. You can always change the price down the road.

What stock footage sells best?

3. What type of stock footage sells best? Travel, food, sports, leisure, animals, and lifestyle are the top categories for stock footage on platforms such as Shutterstock.

How do I set price in Pond5?

Use Your Dashboard You can find this feature in the “Uploads” section of your Dashboard – just select multiple items and pick “Set Price” from the lower dropdown menu.

Who uses Pond 5?

Pond5 is the go-to video marketplace for filmmakers, media organisations as well as marketers around the world. Today it is used by major brands such as Facebook, Disney and Netflix. Pond5 has the largest collection of footage with over 17 million video clips.

Is Pond5 safe?

Pond5 is a safe website used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Pond5 also offers indemnification of up to 1 mil for its licenses.

Is selling stock footage worth it?

But as with all things, making good money on stock market does not happen overnight, it takes effort and perseverance. However compared to a traditional job, stock footage will earn you money even when you are not working. It becomes a truly passive income that lasts for years.

Is Pond5 any good?

With 74% of the reviews saying that Pond5 is excellent, it is easy to see that Pond5 is highly rated in the creative community.