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What personality type is kid cat?

What personality type is kid cat?

Kid Cat – cat species, Jock personality type. 38.

Is Kid cat from Animal Crossing a girl?

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Species Gender
Cat Male
Birthday August 1st
Favorite saying “Crime doesn’t pay!”
Catchphrase “psst”

What does kid cat like Animal Crossing?

Blue Mountain
He likes a Blue Mountain, with two spoons of sugar and a regular serving of milk.

What is Kid cat’s favorite color?

Kid Cat’s Outfit Style and Colors

Favorite Color Red
Favorite Clothing Simple Active

Does Kid cat take his helmet off?

Ya, don’t know what you saw but Kid Cat doesn’t take off his helmet. It’s literally a texture on his model.

Is Bob a girl Animal Crossing?

Bob is a lavender cat with darker purple spots all over his body and face. His eyes are half-closed, making him appear sleepy and reflecting his lazy personality. He initially wears the Blossom Tee. The inside of his ears are various shades of pink, and his tail has two darker purple spots on it.

What does punchy like Animal Crossing?

Like all lazy villagers, he has a love of food and relaxing. He will enjoy partaking in the usual hobbies, usually for relaxing reasons or for food, like when fishing.

Can Kid Cat remove his helmet?

Why is Bob Animal Crossing so popular?

Bob is seen by many as a representation of Animal Crossing’s history. In addition to being in every single Animal Crossing game to date, he’s also widely believed to be the first villager that was created for the Animal Crossing series.

Is punchy in Animal Crossing a boy or a girl?

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Punchy cat06
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Species Gender
Cat Male

Is punchy a boy or a girl?


Gender Male
Type Cat
Star sign Aries
Clothes Cherry shirt
Petphrase mrmpht

What kind of cat is Kid cat from Animal Crossing?

Kid Cat in Doubutsu no Mori e+. Kid Cat is a white cat with a red helmet and sweat bands. His ears are light blue on the inside while white on the outside, sticking out from his helmet. His tail is white transitioned into light blue and his arms and legs are red with a white tip. He has large, wide-open eyes which are behind his helmet’s sun-visor.

Who are the main characters in Animal Crossing?

Villagers Villager Appearance (s) Katt ( Sisterly) New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, Pocket Ca Kid Cat ( Jock) Animal Forest e+, Wild World, City Folk, Kiki ( Normal) Animal Forest, Animal Forest+, Animal Cr Kitty ( Snooty) Animal Forest, Animal Forest+, Animal Cr

What do you call a human villager in Animal Crossing?

Sometimes ya needs ta try another way – Animal Duck Villager A Human Villager from Animal Crossing that you would like to use. You come from an island (your island name – you can choose a name underneath Island Name Ideas) in the middle of the ocean.

Who is the Jock villager in Animal Crossing?

As a jock villager, Kid Cat is very interested in his hobby, and may compete against the player at catching bugs and fish. Jock villagers get along with peppy, cranky and sisterly villagers, but conflict with the laid-back lifestyle of lazy villagers.