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What replaced the Yamaha NS10?

What replaced the Yamaha NS10?

MISCO recently unveiled a brand new version of a legendary driver. The new MS10-W, will be marketed under the new MISCO brand, Bold North Audio, and it is effectively a direct replacement for the famous white driver on Yamaha’s NS10 studio monitors!

Are yamaha NS10 good?

The NS10’s had an excellent flat response time and pure sound needed for mixing. That is why they were used and still are used when mixing. Just place them up against any other speakers that are used for mixing and you’ll hear how clean the sound is.

Why did yamaha discontinue the NS10?

Yamaha discontinued the NS10 in 2001 on the grounds that they were unable to source the pulp for the bass/mid cone, but I don’t buy this.

Do they still make Yamaha NS10?

The NS10 legacy Yamaha NS10’s trusty NS10s were discontinued in 2001, however, they have continued to remain a favourite of producers ever since. In 2007 Yamaha won a Technical Grammy for their design and the following year Mix magazine inducted the speaker into their Technology Hall of Fame.

Is the Yamaha ns10 active or passive?

The network is second-order passive, crossing over at 2 kHz. The frequency range is quoted from 60 Hz to 20 kHz, and rated power handling is 25–50 W.

Is the Yamaha NS10 still in every studio?

Not only should the NS10 by rights be nothing but a small footnote in the history of recorded music, but also there is precious little consensus or understanding about why we respond to it in the way we do, and why it’s still found in almost every studio.

What kind of Cabinet does a Yamaha NS-10 come in?

Its 2.5 cm (0.98 in) particle-board cabinet has a wood veneer skin with seven black finishing layers. The domestic version of the speaker was vertically oriented, and came factory fitted with a grille.

How was the Yamaha NS10 rescued from Hi-Fi death?

How the NS10 was rescued from hi-fi death and resurrected as a nearfield monitor, single-handedly inventing a product sector as it did so, is a story that has probably been told slightly differently almost as many times as it’s been told, but the version I’ll tell here is, I believe, as close to the truth as makes no difference.

When did the Yamaha NS-10 bass drive come out?

Launched in 1978, the NS-10 started life as a bookshelf speaker destined for the domestic environment. It was poorly received but eventually became a valuable tool with which to mix rock recordings. The speaker has a characteristic white-coloured mid–bass drive unit.