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What SessionFactory does in hibernate?

What SessionFactory does in hibernate?

Most importantly, the SessionFactory in Hibernate is responsible for the creation of Session objects. The Hibernate Session provides methods such as save, delete and update, all of which are used to perform CRUD-based operations on the database to which the SessionFactory connects.

What is SessionFactory in hibernate with example?

SessionFactory is an Interface which is present in org. hibernate package and it is used to create Session Object. It is immutable and thread-safe in nature. buildSessionFactory() method gathers the meta-data which is in the cfg Object.

What is Session and transaction in hibernate?

A session is what you use to interact with the database. A transaction is used to specify boundaries for the session to operate within. Essentially, transactions prevent the database from being corrupted by only allowing a session to interact with it at one time.

What are the Session methods in hibernate?

Session Interface Methods

Sr.No. Session Methods & Description
1 Transaction beginTransaction() Begin a unit of work and return the associated Transaction object.
2 void cancelQuery() Cancel the execution of the current query.
3 void clear() Completely clear the session.

How can we Session Session in Hibernate SessionFactory?

Hibernate SessionFactory provides three methods through which we can get Session object – getCurrentSession() , openSession() and openStatelessSession() .

How SessionFactory is created in Hibernate?

When creating an application the use Hibernate to manage our application persistence object we’ll need a SessionFactory . This factory creates or open a session to talk to a database. To create a SessionFactory we can define the configuration in hibernate. properties , hibernate.

How can we Session Session in hibernate SessionFactory?

What is Session beginTransaction ()?

A transaction is associated with a Session and is usually instantiated by a call to Session. beginTransaction(). A single session might span multiple transactions since the notion of a session (a conversation between the application and the datastore) is of coarser granularity than the notion of a transaction.

What is difference between EntityManagerFactory and SessionFactory?

Using EntityManagerFactory approach allows us to use callback method annotations like @PrePersist, @PostPersist,@PreUpdate with no extra configuration. Using similar callbacks while using SessionFactory will require extra efforts. Related Hibernate docs can be found here and here.

What is a Hibernate transaction?

Transaction Interface in Hibernate In hibernate framework, we have Transaction interface that defines the unit of work. It maintains abstraction from the transaction implementation (JTA,JDBC). A transaction is associated with Session and instantiated by calling session. beginTransaction().

How many SessionFactory are created per application in Hibernate Session?

one SessionFactory object
SessionFactory Object The SessionFactory is a heavyweight object; it is usually created during application start up and kept for later use. You would need one SessionFactory object per database using a separate configuration file.

How do I SessionFactory a Session object?