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What should be included on a single central record?

What should be included on a single central record?

All schools must have a SCR of recruitment, as required by the Department for Education. You must use it to log all pre-employment checks, including details of DBS (formerly known as CRB) checks.

What is the purpose of a single central record?

The single central record (SCR) is the central record of the safeguarding checks that have been carried out on all staff and other relevant people.

What is SCR in safeguarding?

Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) were established under the Children Act (2004) to review cases where a child has died and abuse or neglect is known or suspected. A serious child safeguarding case is one in which: abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected. the child has died or been seriously harmed.

What is a section 128 check?

In a nutshell Section 128 checks see whether a person is banned from being involved in the management and governance of schools. If someone has been issued with a ‘section 128 direction’, they can’t serve on your board, and in academies it also means they can’t be on the senior management team.

What do Ofsted look for in the single central record?

There is no requirement for a school to record details of fee-funded trainees on the single central record. 31. Inspectors should look for evidence that the early years setting, school or college is implementing its safeguarding policy and processes effectively and keeping them under review.

Who is responsible for the single central record?

In many Schools, the SCR is managed by a member of the business team, typically a senior manager. Although there is no statutory guidance on this, ultimately, the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors are responsible for the correct vetting of employees.

What is the criteria for convening a SCR?

The SCR Panel will consider whether to conduct a SCR whenever a child has been seriously harmed in the following situations: A child sustains a potentially life-threatening injury or serious and permanent impairment of physical and/or mental health and development through abuse or neglect; or.

What is list 99 now called?

List 99 was a register held by the Department of Education and Skills which contained the names of all people barred from working with children. In 2002 a new Education Act in England and Wales overhauled the List 99 system, and the barring list is now known as the Children’s Barred List.

Do teachers need a Section 128 check?

Section 128 checks are not required for current staff and members of a proprietor body of an Academy who were in position in the Academy prior to 5th January 2015. Section 128 checks only need to be undertaken for relevant new staff members and members of a proprietor body of an Academy appointed after that date.

Who should have access to the single central record?

The SCR must incorporate the following people: All employees (including teacher trainees on salaried routes), agency and third party supply staff. Contractors. For Independent Schools, all members of the proprietor body. For Academies and Free Schools, this includes the members and trustees of the Academy Trust.

How much is a DBS check for a volunteer?

DBS Checks for volunteers can only be conducted at Standard and Enhanced level. This means that individuals themselves cannot apply and it must be done by the organisation they are working for. There is no DBS Check cost for the volunteers to pay.