What should I do for back to school?

What should I do for back to school?

The Top 14 Things to Do Before You Go Back to School

  1. Have a quick read through what you did last year.
  2. Read through the syllabus for the year ahead.
  3. Get a headstart on the new term’s subjects.
  4. Buy the books you need.
  5. Buy some nice new stationery.
  6. Ensure any summer homework projects are completed.
  7. Check your wardrobe.

What are the things you do before going to school?

15 tips on how to get ready for school quickly

  • Choose clothing the night before.
  • Designate one place for clothes.
  • Keep shoes organized.
  • Make sure kids complete homework before bed.
  • Make lunches the night before.
  • Keep backpacks fully stocked.
  • Organize your own items.
  • Have kids shower at night.

What do you need for year 9?

Pens, pencils etc

  • Generously sized pencil case.
  • Blue or black rollerball pens/biros: buy in bulk and have at least two in your pencil case at a time.
  • Handwriting pen or fountain pen (with extra cartridges if needed)
  • Highlighters: ideally four different colours.
  • HB pencils: buy in bulk.
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Rubber.

How do I glow on the first day of school?

What to Try

  1. Stay hydrated. 70% of our body is comprised of water.
  2. Find a skincare routine that works for you and stick to it. To achieve radiant glowing skin, investing in good skincare products is key.
  3. Adopt a signature scent.
  4. Love yourself.
  5. Eat clean and green.
  6. Try out some cute hairstyles.
  7. Sleep!
  8. Minimalist makeup products.

What should I do the last day of school to start?


  • Pack the backpack.
  • Figure out where the bus stops.
  • If you get to school by car, make sure drivers know how the carpool lane works at that school.
  • Make sure kids know where to go once they get to school.
  • Pack the lunch.
  • Pick out clothes for the next day.
  • Set your alarm.
  • Get to bed early.

What are year 9 exams for?

The aims for the exams are: To help students refine their approach to revision. To provide feedback to students and their teachers about what still needs to be learnt. To help students understand their strengths which may help with their option choices later this year.

What do we do in year 9?

Year 9 is a pre-GCSE course and serves as a platform for Art at KS4: students opt for the subject at the end of Year 8. Students are encouraged to explore, take risks, build up their skills, develop sound organisation, ultimately becoming more creative and resilient people.