What should I read after Game of Thrones?

What should I read after Game of Thrones?

8 Epic Books Like Game of Thrones

  • The Court of Broken Knives, by Anna Smith Spark.
  • The Mistborn Trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson.
  • The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan.
  • Black Leopard, Red Wolf, by Marlon James.
  • The Broken Empire Series, by Mark Lawrence.
  • Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.
  • The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King.

Should I read the books after watching Game of Thrones?

Game of thrones fans, are reading the books worth it after watching the series on tv? Yes. The books are much deeper, have new characters plus you get to spend more time with the ones you already love. Books are also able to more clearly show whats going on in a characters head than a tv show/movie can.

What should I read after A Song of Ice and Fire?

10 Books Like A Song of Ice and Fire

  • The Chronicles of Amber, by Roger Zelazny.
  • The First Law Trilogy, by Joe Abercrombie.
  • Malazan Book of the Fallen Series, by Steven Erikson.
  • The Farseer Trilogy, by Robin Hobb.
  • Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Trilogy, by Tad Williams.
  • The Black Company Series, by Glenn Cook.

Is there a book after Game of Thrones?

The seventh and final book in the series will be “A Dream of Spring,” which, by all accounts, Martin has not even begun. Next up on TV in the “Game of Thrones” world is the prequel series “House of the Dragon,” with 10 episodes set to air in 2022.

Is a Game of Thrones worth reading?

it’s always worth reading the book. Absolutely! The TV show gives you just the bare minimum story and character. They have so much to cut, so many great conversations, so much character history, so many internal thoughts, that what you are getting is really Game of Thrones Colesnotes (live action).

Are got books better than the show?

While the show is certainly simpler than the books, with the show ignoring several plot points and characters that appeared in the books, this also means that it is far easier to follow than the book series.

Is Game of Thrones Worth reading 2020?

It is 100% worth it. I’ve seen every episode of GoT several times but the books are a lot different (they still have the same conclusion and concept but many of the details are different and more in depth). You will always get something out of it. And it’s so well written.

Are GoT books better than the show?

What fantasy should I read next?

What Book Should I Read Next? Pick Your Next Fantasy Flowchart

  • The Classic Epic Fantasy: The Lord of the Rings.
  • The Easy Read Classic: His Dark Materials.
  • The Shannara Series: A Bit of a Hidden Icon.
  • The Legend of Grimdark: The First Law Trilogy.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: The Modern Classic.
  • The New Game of Thrones?

Is Game of Thrones coming back in 2021?

The official GoT Twitter also confirmed that production would officially begin in 2021. The account even shared a glimpse of what the dragons would look like.

Is Game of Thrones really over?

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” ended its eight-season run on May 19, 2019 with a polarizing finale episode watched by millions and picked to pieces by critics and friend group chats alike. The HBO show was not the end of “Thrones” forever.

What is the reading level of Game of Thrones?

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 9 – 12 Grades 4 – 6 5.5