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What size is PF30?

What size is PF30?

The PF30 bottom bracket shell is typically 68mm (road) or 73mm (mtb) wide with an inside diameter of 46mm. The bearings are pressed into cups and the cups then pressed into the frame.

Whats the difference between PF30 and BB30?

Both standards are designed to use a crank arm spindle with a 30mm diameter (hence the ’30’ in the name), but with a BB30 set up the bearings sit directly in the frame, and with a PF30 the bearings are housed in a nylon or aluminum retainer that gets pressed into the frame.

How do you size a BB?

The 68mm and 73mm dimension measure the width of the bottom bracket on the frame of the bike with no BB installed, simply the width of the shell. Most road bikes that use a threaded bottom bracket measure 68mm wide and most cross country/trail mountain bikes measure 73mm.

What does the 30 in BB30 refer to?

PF42 (also known as BB30, BB30a, BB30ai, BBright™ Direct Fit) The term PF42 refers to the inside diameter of the shell. The term BB30 was an early term in the history of this standard and refers to the 30mm diameter of the spindle used at that time.

What is BB shell width?

Bottom Bracket Standards

BB Standard Frame BB Shell Inner Diameter Common Shell Width
Specialized OSBB Alloy 42mm 68mm (Road) 84.5mm (Mountain)
Cannondale BB30a 42mm 73mm 83mm (Cannondale BB30A-83)
PF30 46mm 61mm (Specialized OSBB/FACT) 68mm (Road) 73mm (Mountain) 83mm (Downhill) 100MM (Fat Bike)
BBRight (Press Fit) 46mm 79mm

What is the most common bottom bracket size?

On road bikes, it’s always 68mm. With mountain bikes, 68mm is most common too, but sometimes the wider version with 73mm width can be found. The diameter of the bottom bracket is 41.96mm, and the bottom bracket bearings are always pressed into the frame separately.

What cranksets fit PF30?

Crankset Standards

Crankset Spindle Diameter Bearings
PF30 30mm 6806 (Drive) 6806 (Non-Drive)
Rotor 3D 24mm 24×37 (Drive) 24×37 (Non-Drive)
Rotor 3D24 24mm 24×37 (Drive) 24×37 (Non-Drive)
Rotor 3D30 30mm 6806 (Drive) 6806 (Non-Drive)