What size tire is 205 75R15?

What size tire is 205 75R15?

Plus Sizes

225/70-15 205/75-15
Diameter inches (mm) 27.4 (696) 27.11 (688.5)
Width inches (mm) 8.86 (225) 8.07 (205)
Circum. inches (mm) 86.08 (2186.55) 85.16 (2162.99)
Sidewall Height inches (mm) 6.2 (157.5) 6.05 (153.75)

What is the difference between 205 75R15 and 205 75D15?

The D in 205/75D15 represents that the tire has a bias ply construction whereas the R in 205/75R15 represents that the tire has a radial ply construction. The difference between a bias and radial ply is in regards to the directions of the cords.

What does the D stand for in tire size?

diagonal bias construction
R stands for radial construction. B means belted bias and D stands for diagonal bias construction. 16 The last dimension listed in the size is the diameter of the wheel rim, which is most often measured in inches. If a tire size reads, LT235/75R15 104/101S, the LT indicates that this tire is meant for Light Truck use.

Are Trailer King tires any good?

They track well and deliver very good stability at highway speeds. However, these tires can be difficult to mount on a trailer and load range D tires have softer side walls. Overall, Trailer King ST Radial tires are recommended by most trailer owners who have used them and they get an above average rating.

How much bigger is a 225 tire than a 205?

A 225/75-15 tire is approximately 28.4-inches in overall diameter when inflated while a 205/75-15 tire is about 27.1-inches. The difference in width between a 225mm and 205mm tire is 20mm, or about 3/4-inch.

What is the difference between 205 and 235 tires?

The first number is the tread width in millimeters. So, one is 205 millimeters wide, the other is 235. The second number is the aspect ratio where the sidewall is 75 percent as wide as the tread width. So, wider tread also equals a taller tire too.

Can I use 225 tires instead of 205?

Can Trailer Tires be Changed from 225/75-15 Size to 205/75-15 Size You can certainly change your trailer tires to a narrower 205mm width as long as your wheels are 6- or 6-1/2-inches in width. These are the only size wheels that can take both 225mm and 205mm tire sizes.

Can I use 225 tires instead of 215?

Yes, you can. But only if the rims on your car can accommodate tires that are 10-20 millimeters wider. Bear in mind that wider wheels require more fuel due to their increased rolling resistance. Again, wider tires are more costly than narrower ones because they need more rubber during construction.

What is the best trailer tire brand?

The 10 Best Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads Available in 2021

  1. Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire.
  2. Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial.
  3. Trailer King ST Radial II.
  4. Freestar M-108+
  5. Westlake ST Tire (Load Range G)
  6. Provider ST Trailer Tire (Load Range G)
  7. Taskmaster Premium Trailer Contender (Load Range G)

Can I put 225 tires instead of 205?