What skis does Candide Thovex use?

What skis does Candide Thovex use?

For 95 percent of the shoot, he rode completely standard, straight off-the-shelf options from his sponsor, Faction Skis. (He used a current model of his signature ski, the Faction CT 4.0.) He traveled with 15 pairs, but get this: “I only retired one ski during the entire shoot,” Thovex says.

What size ski does Candide Thovex use?

The shape of this ski hasn’t changed since it was released in 2013 — all three iterations of the ski have stated dimensions of 152-122-140 mm.

Is Candide Thovex the best?

Yes, Candide Thovex is quite possibly the greatest skier of all time. He has earned the reputation of the quiet superstar through years of painstaking work, sacrifice, dedication and a mental fortitude that few could surpass.

Is Candide Thovex French?

Candide Thovex (born 22 May 1982) is a French professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is notable for his creative freestyle skiing movies and professional accomplishments.

Are Faction skis any good?

On piste, these skis are absolutely perfect for charging hard and thrive on big arcing turns while also being responsive enough for shorter turns where necessary. In whiteout conditions, the Dictators feel sturdy and stable underfoot, even if you are skiing into the mist like we were.

How do you ski on sand?

There are two different ways you can practice sand skiing: sliding down a dune (sand dune skiing), or cable skiing across the land (desert skiing). The former is virtually the same as sandboarding, except practiced with a pair of skis instead of a board.

What bindings does Candide Thovex use?

Marker – Jester 18 Pro. The lightest high performance binding on the market, The Jester Pro is used by pro skiers far and wide. Candide Thovex likes the Jester for its lightweight nature, which allows for quicker mid-air movements than other competing brands.

How is Candide Thovex so good?

Candide Thovex is one of the best skiers in the world. Upon return, Candide took up big mountain competition skiing, and ended up winning the overall World Freeride Tour in 2010. For the past few years Candide has been focused on big mountain, backcountry filming and riding.

What are Faction skis best for?

All told, Faction designs skis that promote good times in the mountains: from symmetrical, freestyle skis that excel in the terrain park to lightweight, directional backcountry touring twigs that’ll get you up and into the couloir of your dreams.