What song plays at the end of Futurama?

What song plays at the end of Futurama?

The song “I Will Wait For You” from that film is played during the episode’s final scene.

What song does Fry play on the Holophonor?

Fry’s Greatest Holophonor Hits is a collection of Fry’s music as performed on the Holophonor. It was composed while he still had the Robot Devil’s hands and his musical career was on the rise….

Fry’s Greatest Holophonor Hits
First appearance “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings” (4ACV18)

What happened Seymour Futurama?

Seymour at Panucci’s Pizza, on 31 December 1999. Seymour Asses, or Seymour for short, was Fry’s dog before he was frozen. For the rest of his life, Seymour sat outside Panucci’s Pizza waiting for the return of his master, as the world around him changed and, eventually, he died in front of the abandoned pizza shop.

How old is Fry Futurama?

Age. Fry was biologically 25 at the start of the series but is chronologically 1,025 or 1,026 in the year 3000.

How old is Bender from Futurama?

Age(s) Although Bender’s body was made in 2996, making him 4 years old, his head is an additional 1055 years old because it was buried in the ground for centuries after traveling back in time.

What network is Futurama?

Fox Broadcasting Company, LLC
Comedy Central

Is Leela deaf?

When Bender refuses, the Robot Devil then makes another deal, in which he trades Bender a stadium air horn for his “crotch-plate” so that he can annoy people. When Bender uses the air horn on Leela, it causes her to go deaf. Playing an improvised finale, Fry produces crude, cartoonish images of himself and Leela.

Did Fry get his dog back?

In the episode, Jurassic Bark, it turns out he has waited for Philip I all his life for him to return. This was later negated by the events Benders Big Score, giving Seymour 10 good years with Fry and 2 years with the support Fry built up during that time, until Fry finally did return.

Who has Fry slept with?

He is one of only two characters to have had sex with both Amy and Leela (the other being Zapp Brannigan). He is one of only three characters to have appeared in every single episode of the series (the other two being Bender and Leela).