What team is Veron on?

What team is Veron on?

Juan Sebastián Verón

Personal information
1999–2001 Lazio 53
2001–2003 Manchester United 51
2003–2007 Chelsea 7
2004–2006 → Internazionale (loan) 49

Who did Juan Sebastian Veron play for?

Juan Sebastian Veron may not have lived up to expectations at Manchester United – but he was far from the disastrous flop that he is often painted as. Veron joined United in a £28.1million deal from Lazio in 2001, becoming the most expensive player in British football history at the time.

What is a Veron?

French (Véron): nickname for someone with bi-colored eyes, from Latin varius ‘diverse’, ‘varying’.

How old is Sebastian Veron?

46 years (March 9, 1975)
Juan Sebastián Verón/Age

When did Veron retire?

Juan Sebastián Verón/Career end

What number is Juan Sebastian?

11Estudiantes de La Plata / Midfielder
Juan Sebastián Verón/Number

What happened to Juan Sebastian?

Elcano Web Content Viewer Juan Sebastián de Elcano was the navigator whose expedition completed the first circumnavigation of the globe. He had been born in the Basque town of Guetaria in 1476 and died of scurvy in the Pacific Ocean in 1526.

What does the name Vernon mean in English?

Alder tree
Vernon is a surname, from a masculine name that is derived from the Gaul word vern for Alder tree (also springlike, flourishing, or full of life) and a Gaulish-Latin suffix indicating a location. Thus Vernon is a “place of alders”.

What does Veyron mean?

Veyron may refer to: Bugatti Veyron, a supercar named after Pierre Veyron. Pierre Veyron, a Grand Prix motor racing driver active from 1933 until 1953. Chavannes-le-Veyron, a municipality in the district of Cossonay of the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Veyron (river), a river in Switzerland.

What kit number is Veron?

Beckham will keep the coveted number seven, but reserve team captain Michael Clegg will have to give up his number for Veron, who also wore 23 for Lazio. Beckham wears number 25 in training and the club confirmed that training kits bear no relation to squad numbers.

What number was Veron United?

Who is Joan Sebastian’s daughter?

Joana Marcelia Figueroa-Espín
Zarelea Figueroa
Joan Sebastian/Daughters