What town is closest to Badlands National Park?

What town is closest to Badlands National Park?

Badlands National Park is located 75 miles east of Rapid City, South Dakota. Physical Addresses for GPS* Park Headquarters: 25216 Ben Reifel Road, Interior, SD 57750.

Where in South Dakota is Badlands National Park?

western South Dakota
A: Badlands National Park is located in western South Dakota, 62 miles from Rapid City, 370 miles from Denver, 276 miles from Sioux Falls, 452 miles from Omaha, Nebraska, and 502 miles from Minneapolis.

What city is the badlands located in?


Badlands National Park
Location South Dakota, United States
Nearest city Rapid City, South Dakota
Coordinates 43°45′N 102°30′WCoordinates: 43°45′N 102°30′W
Area 242,756 acres (982.40 km2)

What is the Badlands National Park mostly known for?

The Lakota people dubbed this region “mako sica,” or “bad lands,” long ago because its rocky terrain, lack of water and extreme temperatures made it difficult to traverse. Today, the Badlands are a great place for hiking, fossil hunting, taking a scenic drive and spotting wildlife.

Is Mount Rushmore near the Badlands National Park?

Badlands National Park This national park is 1.5 hours from Mount Rushmore.

Which Badlands entrance is best?

The most popular route in the park is the Badlands Loop Road. Starting in the town of Wall {be sure to stop in at Wall Drug!}, drive south on Highway 240 and stay on this road to pass numerous viewpoints, trailheads, and the Ben Reifel Visitor Center.

Are the badlands near Mount Rushmore?

The Badlands National Park near Mount Rushmore, SD.

Are the Badlands worth seeing?

The scenery is beautiful and stunning. Nice hiking trails (can get hot so bring water). The is definitely worth a visit. You can see a lot just driving through, but if you like to hike there are some nice options for that too.

What should you not miss in Badlands National Park?

Top Attractions in Badlands National Park

  • Loop Road. 1,951. Scenic Drives.
  • Badlands Wall. 1,309. Geologic Formations.
  • Notch Trail. 380. Hiking Trails.
  • Ben Reifel Visitor Center. 541. Visitor Centers.
  • Roberts Prairie Dog Town. 376. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Big Badlands Overlook. 223.
  • Yellow Mounds Overlook. 197.
  • Pinnacles Overlook. 131.

Is Mt Rushmore worth the trip?

Is Mount Rushmore worth it? Ultimately, yes it is. History buffs can read all the exhibits and learn about the history of Mount Rushmore and its four presidents. You’ll get to see an American landmark and check it off your travel bucket list.

How much time do you need in the Badlands?

The time needed to see Badlands National Park depends. To fully experience most of what the Badlands has to offer, it takes two days. To drive through the park and stop at a few overlooks, it takes about two hours. Here are a few highlights you won’t want to miss & the minimum time needed.