What towns are around Orlando FL?

What towns are around Orlando FL?

Orlando Neighborhoods

  • Altamonte Springs. Though perhaps best known for the commercial stretch of SR 436 that runs through it like a great river of…
  • Baldwin Park.
  • College Park.
  • International Drive.
  • Ivanhoe Village.
  • Kissimmee.
  • Loch Haven Park.
  • Sanford.

What city is before Orlando?

Towns surrounding Orlando Florida with an estimated population of at least “250” people (change )

Town mi. km.
Winter Springs 6.71 10.8
Maitland 7.70 12.39
Longwood 10.26 16.51
Altamonte Springs 11.86 19.09

What is the best city to live in Orlando?

6 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Orlando

  1. Park Lake. Rated as the best place to live in Florida, according to, is the Park Lake/ Highlands neighborhood.
  2. Thornton Park.
  3. Downtown.
  4. Delaney Park.
  5. Audubon Park.
  6. Altamonte Springs.

What cities are 2 hours from Orlando?

Places to visit about 2 hours from Orlando

  • 94 miles north of Orlando: Saint Augustine. St Augustine. Castillo De San Marcos National Monument.
  • 97 miles north of Orlando: North Beach Camp Resort. 98 miles southeast of Orlando:
  • 97 miles north of Orlando: Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park. 102 miles southwest of Orlando:

What is the closest town to Disney World?

Windsor Hills Resort
The Windsor Hills Resort is a 24-hour secure gated resort community located less than 2 miles from Walt Disney World making it the closest resort community to the major theme parks. Over the past thirteen years Windsor Hills has firmly secured its position as the most popular private rental community in Orlando.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Orlando Florida?

Here’s our list of the 12 cheapest places to live in Orlando.

  • Rock Lake. This neighborhood in Orange County, Orlando, has a population of just over 1,000.
  • Lorna Doone.
  • South Division.
  • Englewood Park.
  • Dover Shores East.
  • Rosemont.
  • Wadeview Park.
  • Eagles Nest.

Does Orlando have a beach?

Which Orlando Beach is Right For You? Orlando has many amazing beaches just 90 minutes away from the city, which comes as a surprise to many first-timers who don’t associate Orlando with a day at the coast.

Which state is the closest to Florida?

Florida shares a land border with only two other states, both along its northern boundary: Georgia (east) and Alabama (west). The nearest foreign territory is the island of Bimini in the Bahamas, some 50 miles (80 km) to the east of the state’s southern tip.