What was Antony Gormley known for?

What was Antony Gormley known for?

Antony Gormley, in full Antony Mark David Gormley, (born August 30, 1950, London, England), British sculptor and draftsman best known for his work with human forms, which he created chiefly from casts of his own naked body. He made his first whole-body casts for Three Ways: Mould, Hole and Passage in 1981.

What do Antony Gormley sculptures represent?

Gormley’s sculptures are about space. His ‘installations’ establish an interaction between the physical space, the space created by the sculpture and the experience of the viewer. Consider what an installation is (see glossary).

What inspires Antony Gormley?

As an art student, Gormley had been influenced by an earlier generation of American sculptors – Minimalists like Carl Andre and Donald Judd, who used found objects or industrial materials, and Land Artists like Robert Smithson, who took sculpture out of the gallery and into the natural world.

Where does Antony Gormley come from?

London, United Kingdom
Antony Gormley/Place of birth

How many iron men are in another place?

100 cast iron figures
Another Place is a piece of modern sculpture by Sir Antony Gormley located at Crosby Beach in Merseyside, England. It consists of 100 cast iron figures facing towards the sea.

What does another place represent?

Each sculpture is standing in a similar way, carrying tension or relaxation in their postures. Speaking in 2005, Antony Gormley said the installation was the poetic response to the individual and universal sentiments associated with emigration – sadness at leaving, but the hope of a new future in Another Place.

How Antony Gormley creates his artworks?

In 2012, Gormley began making sculptures that could be termed as “digital-cubism”. Through solid steel cubes, the human form is rendered into an array of different postures and poses, boldly standing in a white gallery space.

Is Antony Gormley a Buddhist?

Having made the choice to pursue a career as an artist over the spiritual life of a monk and meditator within the Theravada tradition, Gormley is now bringing an aspect of Buddhism to the streets of Hong Kong, asking for a kind of empathy that arises from an awareness toward the connectivity of all things.

What kind of sculptures Does Antony Gormley produce?

How many Antony Gormley statues are there?

There are exactly 100 of them and they all face out towards the horizon. The installation stretches over three kilometres of the shore and as far as one kilometre out to sea. Depending on the tide, the figures are more or less visible. At times water reaches up to their necks.