What was Brassai famous for?

What was Brassai famous for?

Brassaï, original name Gyula Halász, French Jules Halasz, (born September 9, 1899, Brassó, Transylvania, Austria-Hungary [now Romania]—died July 8, 1984, Eze, near Nice, France), Hungarian-born French photographer, poet, draughtsman, and sculptor, known primarily for his dramatic photographs of Paris at night.

Where did Brassai go to school?

Hungarian University of Fine Arts1919–1920

Where was Brassai born?

Brașov, Romania
Brassaï/Place of birth

When was Brassai born?

September 9, 1899
Brassaï/Date of birth

What lens did Brassai use?

Inspired by Andre Kertesz who took photographs of the Seine at night using a half-hour exposure, Brassai bought a Voigtlander 6.5 x 9cm camera with a Heliar f/4.5 lens. His main technical problem with the night imaging was the light given off by street lamps.

What influenced Brassai?

What is Eliot Porter’s full name?

Eliot Furness Porter
Eliot Porter, in full Eliot Furness Porter, (born December 6, 1901, Winnetka, Illinois, U.S.—died November 2, 1990, Santa Fe, New Mexico), American photographer noted for his detailed and exquisite colour images of birds and landscapes.

What techniques did Eliot Porter Use?

The rich tonal and color range found in Eliot Porter’s work was achieved through the dye transfer process. The dye transfer process is a complex and labor-intensive color print process that allows precise control over image color.

Why did Brassai change his name?

He loved how the gardens and streets lit up the night. This was the point at which Gyula Halász changed his name to Brassai, which meant “from Brasso,” the place of his birth.

What was Eliot Porter’s style?

Porter used a medium format view camera designed to hold 4 x 5 inch sheets of film, mounted on a tripod. To photograph birds, a beloved subject, he used a system of strobe lights.

What is Eliot Porter’s photography style?

Eliot Porter developed a vision of the landscape that looked closer, caught the natural chaos of the wild but in a way that showed the hidden structures. He is the forefather of colour landscape photography and anyone who calls themselves a landscape photographer should at least be aware of his work.

Who was Gyula Halasz and what did he do?

Brassaï (French: [bʁa’saj]; pseudonym of Gyula Halász; 9 September 1899 – 8 July 1984) was a Hungarian–French photographer, sculptor, medalist, writer, and filmmaker who rose to international fame in France in the 20th century.

When did Gyula Halasz publish his first book?

Brassaï seemed to have a natural affinity with Paris, revelling in its rich atmosphere and photographic potential. In 1933, he published his first book, Paris De Nuit, which was met with great critical acclaim, and has proven hugely influential ever since: Bill Brandt, for example, was particularly inspired by it.

What kind of weather does Gyula Halasz photograph?

Photographing in hazy, rainy weather proved best, providing the atmosphere that would absorb or reflect light and attenuate excessive contrasts. Brassai would venture into the most deserted areas of the streets. To gauge my shutter time, I would smoke cigarettes—a Gauloise for a certain light, a Boyard if it was darker.

How did Gyula Halasz meet Salvador Dali?

During his work with the Minotaure, Brassai met surrealists Salvador Dali and Paul Eluard. In addition, his work at the art review included photographs of nudes and busts, which resembled his drawing, painting and sculpting. Brassai also had the experience of knowing and befriending Pablo Picasso during his time in Paris.