What was happening in June 1961?

What was happening in June 1961?

June 3, 1961 (Saturday) The Vienna summit between U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev began in the capital of Austria, a neutral site. The two world leaders opened discussions with a 75-minute meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Austria.

What happened on the 13th August 1961?

On the night of August 12-13, 1961, East German soldiers laid down more than 30 miles of barbed wire barrier through the heart of Berlin. East Berlin citizens were forbidden to pass into West Berlin, and the number of checkpoints in which Westerners could cross the border was drastically reduced.

What is the Speciality of June 13?

This led to the celebration of the first Albino Day on May 4, 2006. The day was finally made official when the UN’s General Assembly adopted on December 18, 2014, a resolution that proclaimed June 13 as International Albinism Awareness Day with effect from 2015.

Who was president in June of 1961?

John F. Kennedy

Country Locale Date
France Paris May 31–June 3, 1961
Austria Vienna June 3–4, 1961
United Kingdom London June 4–5, 1961
Venezuela Caracas December 16–17, 1961

What was popular 1961?

Popular music included Chubby Checker’s “Pony Time” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” by the Shirelles, and top movies included “West Side Story” and “The Parent Trap.”

Who was born on June 13th?

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Author Profession Birth Year
Mary-Kate Olsen Actress 1986
Luke James Musician 1984
Chris Evans Actor 1981
Ethan Embry Actor 1978

What was the death strip?

the Berlin Wall
The “death strip” was the belt of sand- or gravel-covered land between the two main barriers of the Berlin Wall. It was constantly under surveillance by guards in watchtowers, who could shoot anyone they saw trying to escape.

Is June 13 a special day for BTS?

If you know exactly who these people are and even have memorised this fan chant, congratulations! You’re an official BTS fan or as they call it “part of the BTS ARMY”. And since you’re part of the ARMY, you do know that June 13 is the anniversary of the K-Pop band.

Who was born on the 13th of June?

What happened on this day in 1961?

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes first human in space during a single-orbit flight. Soviet space probe Venera 1 becomes the first man-made vehicle to reach another planet when it arrives at Venus. First lasers developed. Anthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey discover Homo habilis in the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania.