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What was the dollar rate in 2012?

What was the dollar rate in 2012?

1 USD to INR Rates From 1947 to 2020

Year Exchange rate(INR per USD)
2011 (April) 44.17
2011 (21 Sep) 48.24
2011 (17 Nov) 55.3950
2012 (22 June) 57.15

What was the dollar exchange rate in 2013?

Best exchange rate: 1.0169 USD on 10 Jan 2013. Average exchange rate in 2013: 0.971 USD. Worst exchange rate: 0.9332 USD on 18 Dec 2013.

How do you find the average exchange rate?

This method calculates the average exchange rate for these transactions as a result of dividing total amount of all earlier transactions in the foreign currency by total amount of all earlier transactions in the accounting currency. The resulting exchange rate is then assigned to outgoing transaction.

What was the value of 1 dollar in 1947?


Year Exchange rate (INR per USD)
1947 3.30
1949 4.76
1966 7.50
1975 8.39

What is the highest ever INR to USD?

In 2016, the USD to INR hit a record with 1 USD = 68.77 INR, the highest rate at that time. The global economic crisis following the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 contributed to the depreciation of the exchange rate to hit a record low which was 1 USD = 76.67 INR (March).

What was the exchange rate in 2014?

Best exchange rate: 1.1656 CAD on 15 Dec 2014. Average exchange rate in 2014: 1.1048 CAD. Worst exchange rate: 1.0633 CAD on 01 Jul 2014.

When should you exchange currency?

Best Place to Exchange Currency Before and After Traveling Head to your bank or credit union before you leave to avoid paying ATM transaction costs. You may even receive a better exchange rate.

What was the highest dollar rate ever?

The Indian currency value began falling since then, with a current rate of 74.57 INR. Dollar price in 2004 was 45.32 INR, and in the next ten years, it rose to 62.33. In 2016, February was the month to witness Dollar to INR highest rate ever, amounting to 68.80 INR.