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What was the wren tradition?

What was the wren tradition?

The wren tradition is known to take place in Ireland and England where, in previous times,wrenboyswould hunt a wren, kill it, and visit homes reciting a poem that asked for money to give the bird a proper burial. A feather from the wren might be offered to the patrons for good luck.

Why do Wren boys wear straw skirts?

Mummers were actors who, over the twelve days of Christmas, performed an ancient form of theatre in verse. Mummers use disguise to conceal their identity and in Leitrim the custom was to dress entirely in straw. …

Why is it called wren day?

Various associated legends exist, such as a wren being responsible for betraying Irish soldiers who fought the Viking invaders by beating its wings on their shields, in the late 1st and early 2nd millennia, and for betraying the Christian martyr Saint Stephen, after whom the day is named.

What do you eat on St Stephen’s Day?

The centerpiece of the food would be St. Stephen” Day stew made up of turkey, ham or bacon, vegetables, and other leftovers served hot. Cakes and pies would be served for dessert. After the hunt many people would go to the local pub for hot punch and entertainment.

What do wrens symbolize?

The wren is a small bird, widely considered a harbinger of spring and rebirth. It’s also a symbol of the arts, because of its association with poets, songwriters, musicians, and anyone who writes or crafts written works. Wren symbolism includes rebirth, immortality, and protection.

How do you catch a wren?

During the breeding season, House Wrens can be captured by one of two methods. First, breeding birds can be mist-netted as they enter or leave their nesting cavities. Second, territorial males can be lured into mist nets with the playback of a male’s song.

What is the wren in Irish?


Irish Name: Dreolín
Scientific name: Troglodytes troglodytes
Bird Family: Wrens

How did the Wren betray St Stephen?

Another explanation is that it ‘betrayed St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, by flapping its wings to attract his pursuers when he was hiding’.

Why do the Irish celebrate St Stephen’s Day?

This day, following the celebrations of Christmas, is to celebrate the first Christian martyr St. Stephen, who was stoned to death shortly after the Crucifixion. However, the Irish celebrations on this day have little to do with the Saint himself.

Is it lucky to see a wren?

Do wrens like humans?

Although they will “lecture” humans that get too close to the nest, House Wrens don’t tend to be overly aggressive towards people and are often found on a backyard fence or splashing in a puddle nearby.

How do you catch a wild bird without hurting it?

Place a trap.

  1. Check frequently, because your bird will likely panic when captured.
  2. You will want to use what is called a “live trap,” which traps the bird without causing physical harm to it. Typically, this will be a cage trap, which, like it sounds, is a cage that will trap any bird that steps inside.