What winery does Kurt Russell own?

What winery does Kurt Russell own?

Rita Hills winery, GoGi, founded by actor Kurt Russell {Peter and Rebecca Work of Ampelos Cellars – winemakers}.

What is the name of Kurt Russell’s wine?

Hollywood star Kurt Russell has linked up with one of the world’s biggest drinks distributors to launch his boutique wine brand GoGi in some of America’s biggest cities. The long-term partner of Goldie Hawn is the star of blockbusters including Tombstone, Tango & Cash and Escape From New York.

Does Kurt Russell make wine?

From remaining one of Hollywood’s biggest stars to his celebrated relationship with Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell is now also known for making wine.

Where is GoGi wine made?

Santa Rita Hills
They own and operate Ampelos Cellars in Santa Rita Hills where they make award winning wines from their triple certified vineyard. That is, organically and biodynamically farmed and sustainable in practice.

Where is Kurt Russell’s Winery?

Kurt Russell’s winery location is in California’s Santa Rita Hills. He dreamed of creating his own wine label after years of falling in love with the winemaking process. My romance with wine began many years ago on bicycle trips with Goldie and our family through the great wine regions of France, Italy and California.

Who is Kurt’s sister?

Jill Russell
Jamie RussellJody Russell
Kurt Russell/Sisters

How old is actor Kurt Russell?

70 years (March 17, 1951)
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Is Kurt Russell Kate Hudson dad?

Hudson was raised by mom Goldie Hawn’s longtime partner, Kurt Russell, because the 42-year-old actor is estranged from her biological father. Kate Hudson has a lot to say about mom Goldie Hawn’s longtime partner, and all of it is positive!

Can Kurt Russell play the saxophone?

But thankfully, our favorite holiday hero is back to save Christmas with his awesome beard and sweet sax-playing skills. Kurt Russell’s badass Santa Claus returns in The Christmas Chronicles 2, the sequel to his hit 2018 holiday movie for Netflix, this time wielding a saxophone and some cool sunglasses.