When did the Furga Alta Moda dolls come out?

When did the Furga Alta Moda dolls come out?

The Alta Moda dolls by Furga were the Italian high fashion dolls of the mid 1960s. A range of three initial dolls, Susanna, Sheila, and Sylvie, was launched in 1965. They were joined by the somewhat wild-eyed Simona in 1966. Their range of outfits rivaled vintage Barbie in terms of style, cut, and fabrics.

How tall is the Furga Mia Sears doll?

Shown is a 1970 Sears ad. 1973 Furga Mia doll, 19″ tall, this doll is a little more casually dressed than others and still incredible, with beautiful cupid bow lips, wide blue eyes and a glorious mane of platinum long hair tied up in bows, doll marked FURGA ITALY.

How tall is the Furga Red Riding Hood doll?

Clothing is marked: L. Furga. 1958 Furga Red Riding hood doll or Cappuccetto Rosso doll, 17″ tall, early Walker doll with a most unusual walking mechanism that has four feet, that literally walks when pushed, the mechanism is a separate cage that replaces the dolls lower body with four feet that rotate and “walk”.

How tall is a Furga all bisque doll?

Furga All Bisque dolls, small size, wigged, glass eyes, painted brows and eyelashes, jointed at neck and hips, painted white socks with a blue stripe at top, black painted shoes, usually doll marked Furga Canneto S. Oglio plus a size number. Doll shown is 7″ tall.

How tall is Sheila from Furga Alta Moda?

Sheila, a 17-inch tall Furga Alta Moda doll, wears her signature blue mini-dress as a contrast to her luxuriant auburn hair. That staircase and balcony are getting a lot of mileage in this shoot. Another of the Alta Moda girls. Sylvie heads out for a spot of shopping in a suitably appropriate silk scarf.

What are the names of the Alta Moda dolls?

The Alta Moda dolls were made for just 4 years in the 1960s, but what an impact they made with their huge wardrobe – borrowing from top European designers of the day. The four Alta Moda dolls wearing their signature sleeveless mini-dresses: Simona, in orange; Sylvie, in lilac; Susanna in red; and Sheila in blue.