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Where are all the golden chests in destiny?

Where are all the golden chests in destiny?

Destiny – How to Find All 20 Gold Chests

  • 1 – The Steppes to Dock 13. The first Gold Chest can be found in the story mission, Restoration.
  • 2 – Forgotten Shore.
  • 3 – Forgotten Shore to Mothyards.
  • 4 – The Lunar Complex.
  • 5 – The Devil’s Lair.
  • 1 – Temple of Crota.
  • 2 – Archer’s Line to Hellmouth.
  • 3 – Archer’s Line to Hall of Wisdom.

Where are the chests on the moon in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Region Chest Moon Locations

  • Archer’s Line Region Chest 1. On top of the pipe running right through Archer’s Line.
  • Archer’s Line Region Chest 2.
  • Archer’s Line Region Chest 3.
  • Hellmouth Region Chest 1.
  • Hellmouth Region Chest 2.
  • Hellmouth Region Chest 3.

How many chests are in fortnite map?

There are a total of 20 Bunker chests on the map. These chests have a high legendary weapon drop rate, making them even better than the likes of Mythic chests and Supply Drops.

Which POI in fortnite has most chests?

Misty Meadows
According to LootLake, the location with the most potential chest spawns in Fortnite Season 3 is Misty Meadows with a whopping 45. This is closely followed up by Catty Corner and The Fortilla with 37 and 31, respectively.

How rare are legendary chests in clash Royale?

The Clash Royale Chest cycle contains 240 chests (read more at here) Players have the chance to get the Legendary Chest once they reached 2000 trophies. Exactly 1 chest every 2 cycles If you are below Legendary Arena and 1 chest every cycle If you are in Legendary Arena.

Where is the best chest in fortnite?

Fortnite cosmic chest locations

  • Weeping Woods – near the wooden shack.
  • Boney Burbs – in the surrounding area.
  • Coral Castle – on the beach or the islands nearby to the west.
  • Pleasant Park – in the surrounding area.
  • Steamy Stacks – to the west close to the hill near the IO base.
  • Lazy Lake – in the surrounding area.

Is there a bunker chest in Lazy Lake?

Lazy Lake. Epic Games Lazy Lake’s chest is buried in the ground. Hiding in plain sight is this Bunker Chest at Lazy Lake. Head to the south of the area, and off to the east off some large rocks, you’ll see a mound of dirt.

Where do you find all the gold chests in Destiny?

Find every Gold Chest on Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars. There is no question that Destiny is a game with a lot of things to see and do. Whether it’s one of the Weekly Heroic Strikes, Daily Heroic Missions, or the more challenging Weekly Nightfall Strike, Guardians have their hands full almost every day.

Where are the Golden loot chests on the Moon?

The Moon contains five Golden Loot Chests spread across the surface and deep into the Hellmouth that The Hive have created. Four can be found either through missions or in Patrol, while the last can only be found during the Moon ‘s Strike mission: The Summoning Pits . Heading towards the Hellmouth, you’ll you’ll see a short jump over a large drop.

Where are all the Golden chests in Old Russia?

The Devils’ Lair Gold Chest Location. Collecting all Golden Chests in Old Russia grants you a brand new S-20 Seeker Sparrow. 1. When you enter the temple jump down to the lowest floor and you’ll find an exit to the right. Follow that path into the Hive temple. You’ll cross a bridge into the ship.

Where do you find the gold chest in Mars?

The final Gold Chest of Mars, as well as the game, can be found in the subway at Tharsis Junction. Look for a Vex gate in the corner and behind the train. When you locate a small room, go inside and through the fence in the far corner. When you reach a path, follow it to find the chest.