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Where are palletways based?

Where are palletways based?

Palletways runs 7 owned operations located in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Livingston, London and Milton Keynes.

How does palletways work?

The Palletways cycle is easy and simple to follow and is the same physical operation as the domestic service. To place an order today, get in touch with Palletways Edinburgh. The goods are then trunked to one of the Palletways hub. Freight are scanned so you can track your consignment by using our Track & Trace system.

How do I contact palletways?

Contact our team

  1. For urgent queries: Call 01543 418000.
  2. For delivery queries: Please contact your local delivery depot. You can find them here.
  3. For all other queries: Use the form below and we will endeavour to respond within 2 working days.

What does trunked to hub mean?

Hauliers operate locally to collect pallets of freight and return them to their depot. Any pallets outside the haulier’s area are loaded onto trunk vehicles and transported to the pallet network’s nearest hub. In our case, this means the Palletways hubs in London and Lichfield.

Do palletways deliver on Saturdays?

Palletways operates Monday to Friday between 9AM and 9PM for deliveries and 9AM to 5PM for collections. We do not operate our service on weekends or bank holidays.

Who is the biggest pallet network?

TPN is the biggest pallet network by Member volume or Membership numbers in the UK.

Who started the pallet network?

As TPN celebrates its 20th birthday, Phil tells us the story of its creation and his immense pride at the first-rate network it has become. TPN – THE Pallet Network was born in discussions between Richard Eldred, owner of TGS Freight, Jim Scanlan, then at the Fortec network, and Phil Kenyon, Eldred’s depot manager.

Do palletways deliver on Sundays?

The Palletways network operates on Monday to Friday. We do not normally make deliveries for consignments booked via our online service on a Saturday or Sunday. We do not normally make deliveries on bank holidays.

Who are TPN delivery?

TPN is the UK’s leading pallet network. With 106 Members and over 120 leading regional specialist locations throughout the UK, we can offer next day, timed or economy deliveries for any palletised goods.

Who owns TPN news?

Eddie Stobart acquires The Pallet Network (TPN) | Warehouse & Logistics News.

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What are the side effects of TPN?

Possible complications associated with TPN include:

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