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Where can I find a map of Florida?

Where can I find a map of Florida?

Many images of Florida maps from 1564 to 1926 can also be viewed online, which includes the Sanborn maps for the state. Many early to modern maps of Florida can also be found in Florida Historical Society Library.

What are the names of all the counties in Florida?

This Interactive Map of Florida Counties show the historical boundaries, names, organization, and attachments of every county, extinct county and unsuccessful county proposal from the creation of the Florida territory in 1821 to 1997. The Florida Department of Transportation has prepared a series of 2013 county road maps free online.

Why are historical maps of Florida so important?

Historical Maps of Florida are a great resource to help learn about a place at a particular point in time. Florida Maps are vital historical evidence but must be interpreted cautiously and carefully.

Switch to a Google Earth view for the detailed virtual globe and 3D buildings in many major cities worldwide. This map of Florida is provided by Google Maps, whose primary purpose is to provide local street maps rather than a planetary view of the Earth.

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What was the first state map of Florida?

1827 Map of Florida according to the Latest Authorities. The West Indies from the Best Authorities. Comparative Elevation of the Principal Mountains, Cities, &c. in North and South America 1836 Florida Atlas map (with) three inset maps: Pensacola, Tallahassee, Harbour of St. Augustine.