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Where can I find bribed fuzz?

Where can I find bribed fuzz?

Bribed Fuzz Shadows appear in the 1st and 2nd halls of the Steamy Bathhouse in the Midnight Channel. After being defeated, they may drop Tough Hide. If 6 Tough Hides are sold at Daidara, the Punk Shoes weapon will be unlocked for Chie Satonaka.

What is bribed fuzz weakness?

He’s weak to electric and does Medium Ice damage to one party member.

What level should you be for Shadow Kanji p4g?

It is generally a good idea to attempt challenging Shadow Kanji when your party is at around Level 22 and above. If the party is any lower than that, they will have a difficult time keeping your health up. Additionally, make sure the party’s armor has high protection values as the fight is physically oriented.

How many floors is Kanji’s dungeon have?

11 floors
In total, there are 11 floors, with the boss on the 11th floor.

Where can I find suspicious poles?

The teacher will ask for an item called the “Suspicious Pole.” This item can be found in Yukiko’s Castle.

What is daring gigas weak against?

Persona 4. The boss version of Daring Gigas sheds its weakness to Wind and has increased stats, but follows a pattern of Power Charge, Rebellion, Tarukaja and Single Shot unconditionally for the entire battle. The time in which it buffs itself can be taken to heal and deal damage.

How many floors does steamy bathhouse have?

eleven floors
Steamy Bathhouse is the Dungeon following Yukiko’s Castle. It has eleven floors.

What is Nizam beast weak to?

Nizam Beasts have no weaknesses, but no resistances to worry about. They are somewhat easier to inflict status ailments on, however. If more than one Nizam Beast is present, using Chie’s Skull Cracker or Yosuke’s Tentarafoo is an effective way to incapacitate them long enough to be killed.

What level should I be in kanjis Palace?

You should try to level around 10 levels each dungeon and try not to skip fights,as for Kanji’s Dungeon you should be around 25.

What level should I be for daring gigas?


Level HP Arcana
19 225 Strength

How many floors is steamy bathhouse?

Where is Ms Sofue?

Sofue to accept Quest 17: Extracurricular Activities. She might be a little hard to spot, at first. She’s on the same wing of 2F as your classroom is, basically in the stairwell around the corner at the very end.