Where can I find old radio broadcasts?

Where can I find old radio broadcasts?

8 Ways to Listen to Old Time Radio Shows Online for Free

  • YouTube: Old Time Radio Shows.
  • Relic Radio.
  • Vintage ROKiT Radio.
  • InternetRadio.
  • Pumpkin FM.
  • The Internet Archive.
  • Old Time Radio Downloads.
  • RUSC.

What were popular radio shows in the 1940s?


  • The Baby Snooks Show.
  • Bachelor’s Children.
  • Backstage Wife.
  • Battle of the Sexes (radio contest)
  • Beat the Band.
  • Behind the Mike.
  • The Bell Telephone Hour.
  • Jack Benny and the Golden Age of American Radio Comedy.

What was the first radio news broadcast?

The first radio news program was broadcast August 31, 1920 by station 8MK in Detroit, Michigan, which survives today as all-news format station WWJ under ownership of the CBS network.

How do I find old news broadcasts?

Where to Find Archival Footage: Our Top 7 Websites

  1. The US National Archive.
  2. Internet Archive.
  3. The Public Domain Review.
  4. British Pathé and Reuters.
  5. Getty Images: Editorial and Archival Videos.
  6. Wikimedia Commons.

Which is the oldest radio station?

… world’s first commercial radio station, KDKA, began broadcasting in Pittsburgh in 1920.

What was the first radio called?

In 1895, a young Italian named Gugliemo Marconi invented what he called “the wireless telegraph” while experimenting in his parents’ attic. He used radio waves to transmit Morse code and the instrument he used became known as the radio.

Why was radio so important in the 1940s?

1940s Radio OTR War Propaganda Old-time wireless was a powerful tool during the war years, maintaining morale with regular broadcasts was essential.. Propaganda warfare was a new science, and one that would be used to its maximum potential by both sides.

Who was the most famous journalist in the 1940s?

The 1940s were a decade of tension and transition. Millions of American soldiers left for World War II, and with them went men and women journalists – most notably the “Murrow boys.” Edward R. Murrow, made famous by World War II, began a transition from radio to television.

Who was the CBS News anchor in 1940?

CBS Elmer Davis and the News Europe Speculates On Sumner Welles Visit CBS Elmer Davis The News Cordell Hull Suggests Inter American Collective Trusteeship

What was the most popular radio show in the 1930s?

Lux Radio Theater, a long-run classic radio anthology series, was broadcast once a week on the NBC Blue Network (1934-35); CBS (1935-54) and NBC (1954-55). These hour-long radio programs were performed live before studio audiences.