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Where can you watch so awkward?

Where can you watch so awkward?

Currently you are able to watch “So Awkward” streaming on The Roku Channel for free with ads.

Did so awkward get Cancelled?

So Awkward is a sitcom series on CBBC following the lives of a group of friends in secondary school. Another thirteen-episode series began on 25 August 2016 and ended on 17 November 2016, followed by a thirteen-episode third series, which began on 31 August 2017, and ended on 23 November 2017. …

How many episodes of so awkward are there?

So Awkward/Number of episodes

What is the most popular show on ABC ME?

Best ABC Me Shows

  • ABC TV Education.
  • 199 Little Heroes.
  • Advice To My 12 Year Old Self.
  • Art With Mati And Dada.
  • Bushwhacked! Bugs.
  • Hey You! What If…
  • Citizen Code.
  • Convict Kids.

How old is Ollie from So Awkward?

Actor Archie Lyndhurst, who played Ollie Coulton on the CBBC show So Awkward, has died at the age of 19. Read his co-stars’ touching tributes. Archie Lyndhurst, the star of the CBBC show So Awkward, has died at the age of 19. The network confirmed the actor’s death in a statement posted to Twitter on Thursday, Oct.

What age is Cleo Demetriou?

20 years (April 23, 2001)
Cleo Demetriou/Age

Will there be a so awkward Series 7?

Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for So Awkward. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted….Episodes.

# Name Air Dates
5 Mascots Aug 27, 2020
6 Deny and Deniability Sep 3, 2020
7 Episode 7 Sep 10, 2020
8 Episode 8 Sep 17, 2020

Why did Val leave awkward?

She is the Palos Hills High School’s Guidance Counselor, and later became the vice principal, but drops it to become a Guidance Counselor, but was later fired by the school’s principal after he read the school’s newspaper and Jenna Hamilton’s article of Valerie (during her rebellious phase).

Why is Jas not in so awkward?

Jas actress replaced by Emily Burnett. Just like real life, the world of TV is an ever-changing one where new people regularly come and go. This is definitely obvious in TV shows where new characters and actors may be introduced when a new series arrives.

Is Ollie from so awkward dead?

The family received the results of Archie’s second post-mortem a few days before Christmas, Lucy shared. “He died from an Intracerebral Haemorrhage caused by Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukaemia. Archie starred as Ollie Coulton on CBBC’s So Awkward from 2015 to 2020.

When does the next episode of so awkward come out?

Lily and Jas go a little crazy when Mazel changes Mugshotsz around and reveals that the cafe’s new online experience, ‘cake cam’ has 250,000 followers. This episode was published 2 weeks ago, available until 5:26pm on 28 Jul 2021.

Who are the actors in the TV show so awkward?

cast chaperone (1 episode, 2017) Claire Elizabeth Alberie Script Supervisor (1 episode, 2018) Mark J. Blackman trainee director (1 episode, 2018) Callum Carson Second Assistant Director (1 episode, 2018) Lindsey Greensmith Dubbing Mixer (1 episode, 2018) Gavin Lewis

What happens in Episode 13 of so awkward?

Now in their final year at Cranmede, the gang have to navigate affairs of the heart, handle unexpected revelations, support one another and still get their assignments in on time. Episode 13 Prom!

Where can I watch ABC Me on TV?

If you are unsure whether to proceed, please check with your parent or carer first. You can watch ABC ME on free to air TV on channel 23 and also on channel 723 on Foxtel. You can also watch ABC ME via ABC iview on selected Smart TVs. You’ll find more information about watching ABC iview on a Smart TV on the Where to get ABC iview page