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Where did raise your Dongers come from?

Where did raise your Dongers come from?

Beginning in the early ages of the NLSS, the preexisting meme raise your dongers was mentioned by Ryan while playing Dark Souls. This comment by Northerlion would layway to one of the most widely used, longest lasting joke in the history of the NLSS.

What is raising dongers?

Raise your dongers is referring to the League of Legends champ Heimerdinger, at least from when I’ve seen it lol. 34. level 1. Gdohc.

What is a Donger in baseball?

baseball, informal. : home run sense 1 Only the Royals, Astros and Cubs have given up more dingers than the Angels.— Stephen Cannella Ramirez had driven in 72 runs and had scored himself 49 times, while smacking 16 dingers …— David Sabino.

Can Alexa actually self destruct?

“Alexa, initiate self-destruct sequence.” If you ever start to fear that Alexa might be getting too powerful for her own good, you can always ask her to initiate the self-destruct sequence. It’s not just sci-fi, though.

Why is a home run called a dinger?

Although the origin of this term is unknown, one theory is that this term is a variation of the word, “humdinger”. With humdinger referring to a person or thing that is outstanding and remarkable, a dinger would be a shortened version of this to describe a remarkable and outstanding hit (which would be a home run). 1.

Is Big Al still hitting dingers?

So where is Big Al now? Well, he’s still hitting dingers. Alongside Dylan Briggs and Joey Wall, who also played on last year’s Middletown championship team, Delia, who has one home run under his belt this summer, has led the Middletown Intermediate All-Stars to district and sectional titles this summer.

What is Alexa self destruct mode?

When all else fails, time to enter in the auto self destruct sequence code. This skill will play a realistic 10 second Star Trek countdown sound effect with ship explosion. Use this skill to impress your friends & family with your totally geeked out smart home setup.

Can I make Alexa swear?

Another way to get Alexa to swear is to buy the $4.99 Samuel L. Jackson celebrity voice which adds five times the explicit content. Be sure to turn off the explicit filter in order to unlock all the explicit content. There are three simple ways to spice up your Alexa experience with swear words.

What does Super Google mode do?

Super Alexa mode is an “Easter Egg” or hidden cheat code that puts Alexa into a secret mode. The mode will display on the screen and also tell you “Super Alexa Mode Activated.” but it doesn’t actually do anything. It pays hommage to the old “Cheat Codes” that were originally available on many original Nintendo games.

What is the shortest home run ever?

As a result, it seems former Royal Lorenzo Cain’s 302-foot home run in Fenway Park is the shortest blast on record during the Statcast era. On July 29, 2017, the KC Royals were down 2-1 to the Boston Red Sox in the top of the fourth inning. Outfielder Cain stood at the plate, battling a 2-2 count with two outs.

Where did the phrase Raise Your dongers come from?

The actual phrase “raise your dongers” along with the original donger emoticon ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ came from a tweet by Michael Santana in June of 2013. Since then there have been many other emoticons made in this style with ༼ and ༽ for the sides of the face.

When did raise your dongers meme come out?

On June 17th, Santana tweeted the message “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers,” which received over 130 retweets and 70 favorites within the first week. On June 20th, League of Legends Forums [1] member iJamioo started a thread requesting an explanation for the meaning of “raise your dongers.”

Where did the Dong squad 420 come from?

On April 28th, 2013, League of Legends Forums [2] member TheeSeacow created a thread asking for someone to explain the story behind “dong squad 420,” to which several users cited Santana’s Twitch Chat as the origin of the phrase.