Where do I file DC 40B?

Where do I file DC 40B?

After the close of the calendar year, file Form D-40B with the Office of Tax and Revenue, P.O. Box 7861, Washington, D.C. 20044-7861.

What is the DC tax rate?

Washington, D.C. Sales Tax The general sales tax rate in Washington, D.C. is 6%. This is collected by retailers and vendors, and charged to consumers. It applies to most goods (also called “tangible personal property”) and some services.

Does Washington DC tax non residents?

Nonresidents. Nonresidents are non-taxable in DC. Nonresidents who erroneously had DC income tax withheld or made DC estimated tax payments may file Form D-40B to request a refund.

How do I claim my DC tax refund?

On average, the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) issues refunds within 6 weeks. Taxpayers can view their refund status by visiting OTR’s online portal, Via, a refund status is provided only for a return filed within the last six months.

How do I file a nonresident tax return in DC?

If you are not a resident of DC you must file a Form D-4A with your employer to establish that you are not subject to DC income tax withholding. You qualify as a nonresident if: Your permanent residence is outside DC during all of the tax year and you do not reside in DC for 183 days or more in the tax year.

Where is my DC tax refund?

To check the status of your District of Columbia refund online, go to and click on “Where’s my refund?” Enter your Social Security number. Select the tax year. Enter your refund amount.

Does DC have state income tax?

Overview of District of Columbia Taxes Washington, D.C. residents pay a progressive district income tax. The District of Columbia’s property taxes would rank as the eighth-lowest among U.S. states. Washington, D.C. has a sales tax rate of 6%.

How to get Washington DC tax form D-40?

To contact the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue service center by phone or email, use the check your refund status link above. Alternatively, read or print the 2020 Washington DC Form D-40 instructions to obtain the proper phone number and mailing address. Individual Income Taxpayers .

When do I need to file a D-30 tax form?

Note: At the time this tax package went to print, line references to federal tax forms were correct. Who must file Form D-30? Generally, an unincorporated business, with gross income (Line 11) more than $12,000 from District sources, must file a D-30 (whether or not it has net income).

Is the d-40ez tax form still available?

Form D-40EZ is no longer available for use for Tax Year 2019 and later. Taxpayers who used this form in the past must now use Form D-40. Please select the appropriate link from below to open your desired PDF document.

How to file DC individual income tax form?

District of Columbia (DC) Individual Income Tax Forms and Instructions D-40 All Individual Income Tax Filers 2020 Revised 09/2020 • You may use to fi le and pay online for Forms D-40ES (estimated tax) and FR-127 (extension of time to fi le). • Payments can be made by ACH debit, credit/debit card, check or money order (US dollars).