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Where do I mount my EGT probe?

Where do I mount my EGT probe?

The probe should be installed in the exhaust manifold closest to the exhaust outlet at the head (this is the closest physical location to the exhaust valve). EGT probe placement close to the exhaust valve isn’t always easy.

What is the max EGT for 6.0 Powerstroke?

For sustained temps you should be under 1250. For 8 to 10 seconds staying under 1450 is relatively safe.

What happens if EGTs get to high?

If the turbo doesn’t go first, excessive EGT, if sustained, will damage the pistons. Such damage can include piston deformation, melting, burning, holes, cracking, etc. Excessive EGT can also cause exhaust manifold and cylinder head cracking. Exhaust valves can fail from high EGT as well.

What EGT temp is safe?

Generally, 1600 degrees Fahrenheit (871 degrees Celsius) is considered to be a good number, borderline high EGTs. It is probably safe to briefly run up to 1650F (899C) degrees.

Can you bend EGT probe?

Yes. Be very gentle. The TC sheath is very thin stainless (or inconel) and is packed with a dry mineral around the wires inside. You should be able to reshape it a little bit, so long as you don’t end up crimping it.

Why do you need an EGT gauge?

The exhaust gas temperature (EGT) pyrometer can be one of the most important gauges on a turbo-diesel-powered vehicle. It can warn the driver of situations that are potentially damaging to the engine, and it can also be used as a guide for optimizing fuel economy. Diesel engines are not indestructible.

How high is too high for EGT?

For towing, we’d say a sustained 1,200 to 1,300 degrees is a safe number, with occasional spikes of up to 1,500 degrees when climbing grades being an acceptable risk. The concept of EGT is analogous to putting something in the oven. You can put your hand in a hot oven for a second or two, and nothing will happen.

How do I lower my EGT?

be putting in a lot of fuel without pushing enough air through. A free flowing 4″ exhaust helps a lot to lower EGTs. the EGTs up quite rapidly.

What is the highest recommended pyrometer temperature?

It depends on where the pyrometer is sensing. If you install pre-turbo then your safe point is a maximum of 1200 F or so, (it doesn’t vary between engines much as it’s based on the melting point of the aluminum pistons).