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Where do I put connectionString in web config?

Where do I put connectionString in web config?

Connection Strings In Web. config File Using ASP.NET

  • Note: You can use an alternative syntax like the one we used for a single-server scenario. Example:
  • Go to your web.config and confirm if the connection string is encrypted.
  • Test the site.
  • Aug 29, 2019

How do I add appSettings to web config?


  1. Locate the web. config file in the root directory of your application (or create one if it does not already exist).
  2. Add an element.
  3. Add child elements along with key / value pairs to the element as required.
  4. In the code-behind class for your ASP.NET page, use the .

Can we have 2 web config files?

Yes you can have two web. config files in application. There are situations where your application is divided in to modules and for every module you need separate configuration. For example if you have a application which has two modules lets say accounts and sales.

What is app config C#?

At its simplest, the app. config is an XML file with many predefined configuration sections available and support for custom configuration sections. A “configuration section” is a snippet of XML with a schema meant to store some type of information.

How do I access AppSettings in C#?

We can just pass the key inside the AppSettings and get the desired value from AppSettings section, as shown below.

  1. public static void GetConfigurationValue()
  2. {
  3. var title = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“title”];
  4. var language = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“language”];

How do I encrypt a web config file?

To encrypt configuration file contents, use the Aspnet_regiis.exe tool with the –pe option and the name of the configuration element to be encrypted. Use the –app option to identify the application for which the Web.

How do I password protect a web config file?

The best way to secure the data in Web. config is to encrypt them. Instead of encrypting entire sections in the config file as suggested by Joe and user1089766 you can just encrypt the password string and store it in the config. You can use a helper function such as the one below to decrypt the keys.

Is Web config mandatory?

3 Answers. yes we can run application without web. config file,if u r not configure any settings in web. config file then it will take machine.