Where do I send my N400 form?

Where do I send my N400 form?

Courier and Express Mail Deliveries, Attn: N400, 1820 E Skyharbor Circle S Floor 1, Phoenix, AZ 85034. USCIS Lockbox Facility USCIS, P.O. Box 299026, Lewisville, TX 75029. Courier and Express Mail Deliveries, USCIS, Attn: N400, 2501 S State Hwy 121 Bldg. #4, Lewisville, TX 75067.

Do I send pictures with N400?

All naturalization applicants must include supporting documents with their Form N-400. If you file your application online, you will need to upload digital copies (scans or photos) of these documents to your online USCIS account.

What evidence do I need to submit with N400?

Documents to submit with your N-400 Application for Naturalization

  • Proof of Green Card Holder (Permanent Resident) status.
  • Your application fee payment.
  • Proof of your current marital status.
  • Proof of your identity.
  • Proof of your military service.
  • Proof of any medical disability you have.
  • A fee-reduction application.

Is it better to file N400 online or by mail?

Filing a form online is better than mailing a paper form because you can: Enter your information using a phone, tablet, or computer; Easily and securely pay your filing fee; and. Receive immediate confirmation that we have received your form instead of waiting for the mail.

How to submit an N-400 Application by mail?

There are two ways of submitting your N-400 application with USCIS Online or By Mail For either options the applicant must create an online account with USCIS that allows them to check status as well as receive notifications. It is also an efficient way to respond to requests for additional documentation.

How to fill out the N-400 citizenship interview?

Learn how to fill out the N-400 form. During your citizenship interview, the USCIS officer will ask lots of questions. Many of the questions will be about the information you wrote on your N-400 form. You may have practiced how to answer the questions. But do you really understand the words in the questions?

What does section 12 of the N-400 Application mean?

Section 12 of the N-400 application form has a lot of “yes” and “no” questions. All the questions are testing to see if you are a person of good moral character. Good moral character means: The USCIS officers usually ask people to explain a word or phrase in Section 12.

How to understand the N-400 questions in English?

You can search for a term or click on the letter your word begins with. This dictionary was made for people learning English. It is easy to use and explains words in simple terms. Type or paste any word or even long texts into Google Translate and select the language you want. It works better for some languages than others.