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Where do the dancers of bangarra come from?

Where do the dancers of bangarra come from?

Bangarra’s Dancers and collaborating artists come from all over Australia, including the major groups in relation to location, for example: Torres Strait Islanders, Queensland (Murri), New South Wales (Koori), Victoria (Koorie), South Australia (Anangu and Nunga), Arnhem Land, Northern Territory (Yolngu), Coast and …

Who founded Bangarra dance Theatre?

founder Carole Y. Johnson
Bangarra was birthed in 1989 from the energy of NAISDA (National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association) founder Carole Y. Johnson, along with NAISDA graduates, and Rob Bryant and Cheryl Stone. That spark continues to animate the company today.

What is the mission of Bangarra dance Theatre?

Bangarra’s aims to maintain a link between the traditional Indigenous cultures of Australia and new forms of contemporary artistic expression with respect and integrity, and giving voice to social and political issues that affect us all. – To create and produce innovative contemporary dance theatre works of excellence.

What are the Bangarra dance Theatre dances based on?

Bangarra performers study classical ballet, contemporary dance, Pilates and yoga. They also have traditional dance with a focus on repetition and movement in the legs and core. For each new Aboriginal dance Bangarra spends time with a cultural consultant to ensure the movements are performed the traditional way.

Why does bangarra use cultural advisors?

Bangarra engages key cultural advisors to assist in the authentic delivery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs. Other cultural advice comes from our Artists-in-Residence, Dancers and Creative Team, who are all Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and storytellers with cultural knowledge.

What does bangara mean?

1. A Punjabi dance music traditionally performed during harvest festivals and weddings, characterized by the beating of a large, two-headed drum. 2. A popular style of music combining traditional bhangra drumming with modern Western instruments and rhythms. [Punjabi bhāngṛā.]

Why is Bangarra Dance Theatre important?

WHY IS THE WORK OF BANGARRA IMPORTANT? Bangarra exists to create a foundation for the care and celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural life. Bangarra has nurtured the careers of hundreds of Indigenous professional artists, including dancers, choreographers, composers and designers.

What is a cultural consultant?

Cultural consultants are community leaders with extensive knowledge of their own culture and how services can best be delivered to meet the needs of their community. They are independent consultants. They come from variety of backgrounds and experiences, and offer a wide range of professional services.

What inspires Stephen?

I’ve always been fascinated with Aboriginal astronomy and the timeless mystery of the night sky. I was in Yirrkala, which is an Aboriginal township in North East Arnhem Land, in November last year and had many conversations with my Yolngu families about the meaning of the constellations.

Why did Frances Rings create terrain?

I created this work because I wanted people to understand the lens through which indigenous people view our relationship to country and understand about how important that relationship is for our spirit and our belonging.”

How much does a cultural consultant make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $146,000 and as low as $19,500, the majority of Cultural Consultant salaries currently range between $36,500 (25th percentile) to $84,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $122,500 annually across the United States.

What does a culture consultant do?

Corporate culture consultants collect employee sentiment about the state of the work culture. From there they assist with planning actions, based on the data and information, to create a high performing culture with high retention of its people.

Who was the founder of Bangarra Dance Theatre?

The Bangarra Dance Theatre was founded by Carole Johnson in 1989. In 1991 Stephen Page took over as artistic director. He collaborated with his brothers David, who composed the music, and Russell, who was principal dancer until his death in 2002. This kinship structure underpinned the unique artistic direction of the company for over a decade.

What does Bangarra Aboriginal performing arts company do?

To create inspiring experiences that change society. Bangarra is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation and one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies, widely acclaimed nationally and around the world for our powerful dancing, distinctive theatrical voice and utterly unique soundscapes, music and design.

What are the geometries of the Bangarra Dance?

Under Page’s instructions they hunt quietly too, flowing into graceful geometries: squares, rectangles and triangles, reforming into a spearhead of birds in flight, a pillar of advancing soldiers. In one corner guest artist Thomas Greenfield stretches his rubbery frame as Bangarra dancer Jasmin Sheppard watches in meditative silence.

When did the first Bangarra show come out?

Bangarra’s first full-length show Praying Mantis Dreaming was produced in 1992, in 1994 Stephen Page with Bernadette Walong as Associate Director created Ochres and productions have followed annually since 2000. All have been successful within Australia and some have toured the United States and the United Kingdom.