Where do you find Aeronite in Lightning Returns?

Where do you find Aeronite in Lightning Returns?

Data. Aeronite is one of two superbosses in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the other one being Ereshkigal. It inhabits the Dead Dunes and moves around the desert as a space distortion surrounded by lightning-type effects. It can be found in the Giant’s Sandbox from Day 7 onwards.

How do you get more EP in Lightning Returns?

The starting maximum amount of EP is 5, but it can be raised. Completing main quests 1-5 (Luxerion), 2-3 (Yusnaan) and 5-1 (second Wildlands) earns Lightning 1 EP each, as does completing 3-3 (main Wildlands) on a New Game+, but subsequent completions of those quests don’t stack the EP bonus.

Where is the ultimate lair lightning returns?

the Dead Dunes
The Ultimate Lair is a bonus dungeon located in the Dead Dunes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The dungeon can be accessed only on the “extra day” via a new Cactuar statue that appears outside the Ruins East Gate.

How many Reavers are there in Lightning Returns?

When unlocked, a special “Ultimate Lair” is opened at the Dead Dunes and Lightning can go there to challenge 28 of the 31 available Omega enemies….THE LAST ONES (Ω)


What is EP lightning returns?

EP represents a form of renewable power available to Lightning, in battle and out. EP are generated by successfully defeating enemies in battle, and the amount of points generated is typically commensurate to the difficulty level of the enemy. EP bonuses are increased if enemies are defeated in a cloud of Chaos.

How many side quests are in Lightning Returns?

There are 66 standard Side Quests to be found in the game – 20 in Luxerion, 16 in Yusnaan, 22 in The Wildlands and 8 in The Dead Dunes. Click on the links below for the description of each quest.

How do you unlock the 14th day in Lightning Returns?

To access the Extra Day, you must complete all 5 Main Quests and feed the sacred tree Yggdrasil a requisite number of saved souls. It takes 100 points to unlock the Extra Day and the points are based on the number of stars of each side quest.

What should I know about Lightning Returns aeronite?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Aeronite: First Playthrough Combat Strategy (SPOILER WARNING!) Warning, this content contains spoilers! Warning, this content contains spoilers! Perhaps the most technically demanding battle in the game, your match against Aeronite is strictly timed.

Where do you find aeronite in Final Fantasy?

Aeronite locations. Aeronite appears at the Giant’s Sandbox, its location rotating counter-clockwise depending on the time of day . Aeronite has 8,800,000 HP in Easy Mode, 11,000,000 HP in Normal Mode, and 38,500,000 HP in Hard Mode—more if one lets him follow to a Chaos infusion.

Where are the fireworks in Lightning Returns XIII?

Guide: To find the Unfired Rocket Fireworks in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, go to the Coliseum Square near the Slaughterhouse. Find the fireworks stand near the entrance to the Road to War alley and launch 2 fireworks until the launcher gets stuck. Once you examine the launcher the third time you will receive the Unfired Rocket Fireworks.

How long does it take to stagger in aeronite?

You will have approximately three minutes to stagger from when the battle begins. After you stagger, you’ll have another three minutes to reach the next stagger. This continues through to a fourth and final stagger. If this timer ever expires, the enemy will immediately leave the fray.