Where is Barrington Ward Musgrove Park Hospital?

Where is Barrington Ward Musgrove Park Hospital?

Musgrove Park Hospital, Level 1, Jubilee Building.

How many wards are in Musgrove Park Hospital?

30 wards
The hospital has nearly 600 beds, 30 wards, 15 operating theatres, a fully equipped diagnostic imaging department and a purpose built cancer treatment centre which includes outpatient, chemotherapy day care, radiotherapy and inpatient facilities.

What is Tor Ward Musgrove Park Hospital?

The new Tor Ward at Musgrove Park Hospital has been formed by the creative conversion of non-medical areas into much-needed clinical facilities. Critically, the project had to be undertaken within a ‘live’ hospital site which demanded careful phasing of the works to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum.

How much is parking at Musgrove hospital?

There is no charge for parking at our community hospitals and mental health sites, although parking at some of them can be pressured at times. Car parking is limited at at Musgrove Park Hospital and there can be delays in getting a park at peak times.

Who runs Musgrove hospital?

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton is part of Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. It is the largest acute hospital in Somerset serving a population of over 340,000 as well as providing some specialist and tertiary services for the whole of Somerset with a catchment population of 544,000.

How many beds does Musgrove Park Hospital have?

Musgrove Park Hospital/Number of beds

Is parking still free at Musgrove Hospital?

Since the start of the lockdown period in March, parking at Musgrove Park Hospital has been free of charge for patients, visitors and for our colleagues working throughout the pandemic. You can get more information on parking at Musgrove Park on our Getting here and where to park page.

How much is Taunton Park and Ride?

How much will the tickets be now?

Ticket Price on app The old fare
Adult day ticket (before 10am) £3.50 £2.40
Adult day ticket (after 10am) £2 £2.40
Monthly anytime £55 £33
Monthly subscription £50 £33

How many beds does Musgrove Park hospital have?

When was Musgrove Park hospital built?

Musgrove Park Hospital/Founded

When was Musgrove Park Hospital built?

Is Taunton Park and Ride running?

Good Morning all services are operating. There may be delays due to the roadworks and congestion.