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Where is Deception Pass in Washington?

Where is Deception Pass in Washington?

Deception Pass is a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island, in the northwest part of the U.S. state of Washington. It connects Skagit Bay, part of Puget Sound, with the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A pair of bridges known collectively as Deception Pass Bridge cross Deception Pass.

Can you swim at Deception Pass?

Deception Pass is Washington’s most-visited state park for a reason. Mysterious coves, rugged cliffs, jaw-dropping sunsets, and a stomach-dropping high bridge make this park a go-to for locals and international travelers alike. Families can fish and swim in Cranberry Lake.

Are there bears at Deception Pass?

Bald eagles and hawks are abundant, and Hartt says they’re just the beginning. “Just about anything you’d expect in the Northwest, except maybe a bear – although there have been bears sighted as well, but not for a long time,” he said.

How do you get to Deception Pass Bridge?

Deception Pass Bridge
Deception Pass/Bridges

How do I get a Deception Pass?

To get to this trail system, start near the Deception Pass bridge, and go under the bridge towards the east (away from the opening of the pass and North and west beach). Here you’ll be along the shore and can take one of the various loops that heads up to Goose Rock, the high point on the east side of the bridge.

Why is it called Deception Pass?

The bridge at Deception Pass, between Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Islands. It got its name from Captain George Vancouver, who felt deceived by the width of the waterway.

How deep is the water under Deception Pass?

about 145 feet
Exceedingly strong currents, up to seven knots at times are forced through the narrow pass constantly. The maximum depth is about 145 feet.

Why is Deception Pass closed?

The Whidbey parking lot at the Deception Pass bridge is closed to visitors until March 2022, Washington State Parks announced Friday. The closure is supposed to ease access for construction crews as they work to repair and repaint the Deception Pass and Canoe Pass bridges.

Why do they call it deception pass?

How high is the bridge at Deception Pass?

55 m
Deception Pass Bridge/Clearance below

How long is Deception Pass?

976 feet long
The Canoe Pass span is 511 feet long and required 460 tons of steel for its construction; the Deception Pass span is 976 feet long, using 1130 tons of steel.

How much does it cost to get into Deception Pass State Park?

Drove over Deception Pass Bridge, parked and went onto bridge to take some photos. Drove by park entrance and decided to pay the $10 to see the water. If you are going to the San Juan Islands, you might want to pay $30 for a yearly pass since each state park is a daily $10 fee.