Where is DECRA made?

Where is DECRA made?

DECRA Metal Roofing products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in California but our proprietary stone-coating manufacturing process has an illustrious history that dates back to World War II.

How much does a decra roof cost?

Decra roofing: $8-$13 per square foot And in comparison to other roofing materials, the price looks even better. The average of clay roof tiles is between $10-$18 per square foot, and tile roofs range between $12.50 – $25 per square foot in price. Just be aware that numerous factors can affect the price of a new roof.

How long does DECRA roofing last?

With proper maintenance, a metal roof can last up to 40 to 70 years, making it well worth the investment. Whether the homeowner is planning to sell their home in the near future or stay in their “forever home,” it’s important to explain the long-term and immediate benefits of a DECRA roof.

What is decra roof tiles?

Aerodek, formerly known as Decra, metal roofing systems are designed to be lightweight, attractive and to offer excellent value for money. These tiles consist of a galvanised steel core, covered with a multi-layer resilient coating, that is finished with a stone or powder coating.

Is decra water safe for drinking?

12. Can you collect drinking water from the roof? Drinking water collection from Decra AHI roofs is approved and certified by the WHO.

What are metal roof shingles?

Metal shingles are attached to the roof using nails (made of the same material to prevent corrosion) and either special built-in hems or clips. Estimated Roof Costs (1,700 sq. ft.) Asphalt Shingles. Metal Roofing.

How much is long span roofing sheet in Nigeria?

Aluminium Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Nigeria

Sheet Type Price for 0.45mm Price for 0.55mm
Long span aluminium N2,100 per meter N2,700 per meter
Step-tile aluminium N2,400 per meter N2,800 per meter
Metcoppo aluminium N2,500 per meter N2,900 per meter

Are Stone-coated steel roofs good?

Stone-coated steel is more durable than traditional metal roofing, avoiding the pitfalls of dents and dings suffered over time. Steel allows the roof to withstand gusting winds, heavy rain, hail, and more. You can leave it alone. This quality nearly eliminates the maintenance costs of a traditional roof.

What is decra?

The ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme is a part of the Discovery Program. The DECRA scheme provides more focused support for researchers and creates more opportunities for early-career researchers in both teaching and research, and research-only positions.

Can you walk on stone coated steel roof?

Stone-coated steel roofing is a very resilient form of roofing, and many if not all roofing contractors can seamlessly discuss the advantages. You will be pleased to discover that yes, you can walk on a stone-coated steel roof.

What kind of roofing system does DECRA use?

Choice of a Decra Roofing System ensures working with the worlds market leader in lightweight quality steel roof tiles. If you have a product enquiry, or would like details of your local Decra distributor.

What’s the difference between Clay and Decra roof tiles?

It looks gorgeous on your house, just like clay tiles due to its beautiful stone coating. But Decra ® roof is not only pleasing to the eye! Unlike traditional roof tiles, Decra ® provides protection for a lifetime despite extreme weather conditions, due to its strong, corrosion resistant steel core.

How does DECRA help you build a sustainable home?

With Decra® we want to help you build a more sustainable modern home. Decra®’s material structure consists of 8 layers of perfection, as we call it. Steel is only one layer. There are other vital components that contribute to the unique benefits that makes Decra ® so special.