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Where is Fareed from?

Where is Fareed from?

Mumbai, India
Fareed Zakaria/Place of birth

When can I watch Fareed Zakaria?

Fareed Zakaria GPS is a weekly public affairs show hosted by journalist and author Fareed Zakaria. As of November 2011, the show airs Sundays at 10am Eastern Time and 1pm Eastern Time on CNN. The show also airs Sundays at 1200 and 1900 GMT on CNN International.

Where did Fareed Zakaria go to school?

Harvard University1993
Yale University
Fareed Zakaria/College

What is a Zakara?

Zakariya (also transliterated as Zakaria or Zakariyya or Zekeriya or Zakarya, Arabic: زَكَرِيَّاء‎, or Arabic: زَكَرِيَّا‎) is a masculine given name, the Arabic form of Zechariah which is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God has remembered”.

Why is CNNgo not working?

First, try refreshing your browser and/or different browsers. It is very likely there is an error with the specific configuration of your computer. You can also try removing browser extensions. Clear your cache and re-try.

What did Fareed Zakaria say about the Iran deal?

Javad Zarif joins Fareed to hash out what Iran’s positions are as the Biden administration ponders rejoining the Iran nuclear deal. Fareed asks Javad Zarif for his reaction to the evolution of US Middle East policy during the four years of the Trump administration.

Who are the correspondents for Fareed Zakaria GPS?

CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman joins Fareed from Erbil for a report on the first ever visit of a Pontiff to the country. Fareed on why the current Indian government has overseen a marked decline in freedom in the world’s largest democracy.

Who are the people Fareed Zakaria is talking to?

GQ’s Julia Ioffe, the Carnegie Endowment’s Alexander Gabuev, and Fareed on what the protests sweeping Russia could mean for US-Russia relations. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and former Secretary of State John Kerry on the Biden administration’s vision for climate action.

What does Fareed Zakaria say on global public square?

The Global Public Square helps you make sense of the world, with insights from CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. On GPS: Did Branson go to space? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Fareed analyze whether billionaire Richard Branson’s historic space flight is in fact “space travel.”