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Where is Intanki National Park in Nagaland?

Where is Intanki National Park in Nagaland?

Intanki National Park is a beautiful place, located in the Peren district of the state of Nagaland. Intanki National Park also known as Ntangki National park. The name “Ntangki” is derived from the Zeme dialect of the Zeliangrong tribe. It was declared as a national park in the year of 1993.

How many national park are there in Nagaland?

Popular National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Nagaland

Name Total Area(km²) Location
Ntangki National Park 6.4 Peren district
Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary 4.7 Kiphire district
Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary 9.23 Catchment area of Kohima Town. Dzuku valley (10000 ha) and Japfu peak
Rangapahar Reserve Forest

Which one is the highest park in Nagaland?

Ntangki National Park
Ntangki National Park is a national park located in Peren district of Nagaland, India. Among the species that inhabit the park are the rare hoolock gibbon, golden langur, hornbill, Asian palm civet, black stork, tiger, white-breasted kingfisher, monitor lizard, python and sloth bear.

What is the largest river of Nagaland?

Longest River of the State – Doyang River

  • Asia.
  • Nagaland.
  • Wokha District.
  • Wokha.
  • Wokha – Places to Visit.
  • Doyang River.

Is Sirohi National Park?

Located in the Manipur state of India, the national park falls under the Imphal District. It was established in 1982 and located exactly on the Indo-Myanmar border. Popular and easily seen avifaunae are Owls, Pheasants, Eagles, Vultures and Warblers. Its fauna species include Wild Boar, Leopard, Deer and Tiger.

What is the literacy rank of Nagaland in India?

As per Census 2011, the literacy rate for Nagaland is 79.55% and the literacy rate for females and males are 76.11% and 82.75% respectively.

How many rivers are there in Nagaland?

Nagaland is a state covered by four major rivers. These rivers serve as an important source of water for the state of Nagaland. Dhansiri which is one of the major tributaries of Brahmaputra River covers most of the areas in Nagaland. The state also receives water from Dikhu, Doyang and the Jhanji Rivers.

How do you pronounce Guindy National Park?

In Guindy (Pronounced as gindy) National Park there are 2 entry gates.

How do you pronounce Gundy?

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  2. Examples of in a sentence. Gundy State then, and now. As for of Bur- the remnants that were left, French provinces and gundy.
  3. Translations of Gundy. Japanese : ユ Arabic : جوندي

Who is the first Olympian of Nagaland?

Chekrovolu Swuro
Chekrovolu Swuro (born 21 November 1982 in Dzulhami Village, Phek district, Nagaland) is an Indian archer….Chekrovolu Swuro.

Personal information
Sport Archery

Who is the first speaker of Nagaland?

The state of Nagaland was established in 1963 and P. Shilu Ao of the Naga Nationalist Organisation became its first Chief Minister. Following elections to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly in 1964, Angami was elected its first Speaker.

When was Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary declared as a National Park?

Intanki Wildlife sanctuary was declared as a National Park in the year of 1993. Intanki National park was also declared as an elephant reserve on February 2, 2005. Intanki National Park is located in the Dimapur district of the state of Nagaland.

Which is the first National Park in Nagaland?

Government of Nagaland through another Notification No.FOR-43/83 Dated 3 March 1993 declared Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary as Intanki National Park. Declaration of Elephant Reserve (No:FOR/GEN-5/2001 dt 28.2

What kind of animals are in Intanki National Park?

It was declared as a National Park in the year of 1993. The park is home to wildlife like Hoolock gibbon, Golden langur, Palm civets, Tiger, Black stork, Sloth bear, Wild dogs, Flying squirrel, Monitor lizard, Python etc. Entire Park is covered with lush grass and semi tropical tress.

How much is Intanki National Park sold for?

Chunks of Intanki National Park in Nagaland are sold for Rs 2,500 a hectare as the forest department looks on. Sayantan Bera visits encroachers’ settlements with his camera