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Where is Redfish Lake located in Idaho?

Where is Redfish Lake located in Idaho?

Custer County
Redfish Lake is an alpine lake in Custer County, Idaho, just south of Stanley. It is the largest lake within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Is Redfish Lake Lodge Open?

When does the lodge open and close? We open Memorial Day weekend and our last night is the late September or early October, depending on the year.

Who owns Redfish Lake?

— Arlen Crouch
STANLEY, Idaho (AP) — Arlen Crouch, owner and potential developer of the Crossroads Ranch area near Jerome, is the new owner of the Redfish Lake Lodge.

Can you swim in Redfish Lake?

Swimming. The sandy beaches along the lake are perfect for swimming, wading, and sunbathing.

What kind of fish are in Redfish Lake Idaho?

Sockeye salmon
Rainbow troutBull troutAtlantic salmonDolly Varden trout
Redfish Lake/Fish

Why is Redfish Lake Red?

When the sockeyes return to their freshwater homes to reproduce, they turn bright red and grow an aesthetically unpleasing hump-back. An adult sockeye salmon ready to spawn. As recently at 150 years ago, the sockeye salmon were so abundant in Redfish Lake, that the entire lake would look bright red.

Is there cell phone service at Redfish Lake?

Yes, Redfish does have cell service and so does Stanley.

What kind of fish are in Redfish Lake?

What type of fish are in Redfish Lake?

What is the biggest lake in Idaho?

Lake Pend Oreille
Lake Pend Oreille is Idaho’s biggest, at 43 miles long with 111 miles of shoreline. It’s also the deepest (at 1,158 feet deep, there are only four deeper lakes in the nation).

Can you night fish in Idaho?

Answer: Idaho law is silent on fishing with artificial light, which means it is legal to do so.

Are there salmon in Redfish Lake?

The iconic Pacific salmon species has started its return to Redfish Lake this season after a decade-low 17 sockeye salmon — which give the lake its name — made their way back to Idaho in 2019.

Where is Redfish Lake Lodge in Stanley Idaho?

Redfish Lake Lodge sits at an elevation of 6,550 feet above sea level, where the water is crystal clear and the beaches are sandy. Redfish Lake Lodge thrives on the North shore of the pristine, glacier-carved Redfish Lake. In the heart of the Sawtooth Mountain Range, you’ll find our luxury Stanley, Idaho cabin rentals.

What to eat at Redfish Lake Lodge in Idaho?

We specialize in salmon, trout, wild game, and other regional favorites. Our Stanley, Idaho restaurant also carries wines from acclaimed local, domestic, and international producers. The lake views and rustic lodge atmosphere will make this a memorable and ‘crave-able’ experience for small and large parties alike.

Where do you drop off at Redfish Lake Lodge?

Let us drop you off on the other side of the lake on our boat shuttle to experience world class hiking and backpacking. The boat leaves on demand from the lodge marina, and picks up on the other side of the lake at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm. Our Stanley, Idaho restaurant with local fare and a friendly atmosphere is open all.

Is it cold at Redfish Lake in Idaho?

It’s cold here in the evening (37 degrees) and warm (75) in the afternoon, and plenty of people especially kids were happy to brave the cold crystal clear water of the lake. After settling in in the later afternoon, we decided to take a bike ride.