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Where is Spidi based?

Where is Spidi based?

Aldo Drudi – The Rossi Story. Aldo Drudi is from the same area of Italy as Valentino Rossi, and he currently lives in Riccione, which is an area rich in Motosport history and is surrounded in racing icons – the Ferrari headquarters and the Ducati headquarters are only a hundred or so kilometers away.

Is Spidi a good brand?

Perfect if you’re looking for a durable motorcycle jacket and with a quality-price ratio. The motorcycle gear brand Spidi is known, among other things, for having very versatile motorcycle jackets. And also, the two have a very good quality-price ratio and you can only find them at Motocard.

Where are Spidi jackets made?

Part of the success of the SPIDI brand it’s due to having been able to combine the typical “craft made in Italy” know-how with the needs of the modern rider.

Who owns Dainese?


Type Private
Founder Lino Dainese
Headquarters Colceresa , Italy
Key people Cristiano Silei (CEO)
Owners Investcorp (80%) Lino Dainese (20%)

Is Dainese better than Alpinestars?

Points for the best track boot go to Alpinestars. The Dainese Nexus are popular. They’re good boots, they’re just a bit uninspiring. By comparison, the Alpinestars Supertech R boots look like something you go racing in, then wear to walk across the surface of Mars.

Is Dainese worth the money?

absolutely worth it! and there’s tons of deals going on right now, their annual sale just started! Around this time last year was when I got my Dainese D-Skin Laguna Seca 1-piece, Torque-Out boots and Full Metal Racer gloves. If you’re thinking about getting some Dainese gear, now is the time.

Is Dainese made in Italy?

Dainese No Longer “Made in Italy” – Moves Remaining Italian Production to Tunisia. Italian apparel manufacturer Dainese, (who also owns Mavet and AGV) is shutting down its Molvena, Italy plant, and moving the bulk of its production to Tunisia.

What does Dainese logo mean?

1971. THE IDEA TAKES SHAPE. The first drafts of the company logo were designed. The first logo featured a red devil as a symbol of dynamism and rebellion. Knowing the logo meaning now Everyone can decide for himself/herself to wear devil’s logo or not.

Which is better Alpinestars vs Dainese?

What does Dainese mean?

Dainese (pronounced dye-ee-neh-zeh; Italian: [daiˈneze]) is an Italian manufacturer of protective equipment and technical gear for dynamic sports, including motorcycling, mountain biking, winter sports and horseriding.