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Where is the commissioning pennant flown?

Where is the commissioning pennant flown?

The commissioning pennant (or masthead pennant) is a pennant (also spelled “pendant”) flown from the masthead of a warship.

What do you mean by commissioning pennant?

The commissioning pennant is the distinguishing mark of a commissioned Navy ship. The pennant is flown at all times as long as a ship is in commissioned status, except when a flag officer or civilian official is embarked and flies his personal flag in its place.

How long is a paying off pennant?

Traditionally, a paying-off pennant has the length of the ship, plus one foot for each year of service – so long, in fact, that several balloons are often needed to keep the pennant flying! A paying-off pennant is an ultra-long version of the masthead pennant.

What is a Coast Guard Ensign?

The Coast Guard ensign is a symbol of the United States Coast Guard law enforcement authority and is, by law under 14 USC 638, restricted to official use only. COAST GUARD STANDARD. The Coast Guard standard is used during parades and ceremonies and is adorned by Coast Guard 34 battle streamers.

Which flag is considered a warning flag?

In US maritime warning flag systems, a red square flag with a black square taking up the middle ninth of the flag is used to indicate a storm warning (the use of two such flags denotes a hurricane force wind warning or a hurricane warning).

When if ever is it appropriate for a US Navy vessel to dip?

Navy Regulations, article 1263: “When any vessel, under United States registry or the registry of a nation formally recognized by the Government of the United States, salutes a ship of the Navy by dipping her ensign, it shall be answered dip for dip.

What is the Coast Guard motto?

Semper Paratus – Always Ready
Semper Paratus – Always Ready. That is our Coast Guard motto. The Coast Guard is one of our nation’s five military services. We exist to defend and preserve the United States.

What is the first substitute flag?

Navy Meaning: Absence of flag officer or unit commander (Inport). International Meaning: Substitute for the first flag in this hoist. International Code of Signal Flags have double stitched seams, finished nylon rope distance lines and ash toggles.

What is difference between pennant and flag?

Pennants are almost the same as flags. The difference between the two patterns is that trend lines of pennants eventually converge, which forms a mini triangle. Trend lines of flags are usually parallel. The slope of pennants usually is in the opposite direction compared to that of the prior trend.