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Where is the fuel safety shut off switch?

Where is the fuel safety shut off switch?

Look for the fuel pump switch or inertia switch. This is a small box with a plastic button on top and an electrical connector at the bottom. On some vehicle models, this will be located in the luggage compartment. Look on a side panel for a small, round button which you can pry off with a small screwdriver.

How do I reset my fuel shut off switch?


  1. Turn the ignition switch OFF.
  2. Ensure that there is no fuel leaking in the engine compartment, along any of the lines or at the tank.
  3. If no leakage and/or odor is apparent, reset the switch by pushing the reset button on the top of the switch.

How do I know if my fuel switch is bad?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Fuel Pump Shut Off Switch

  1. Engine suddenly stops while driving. One of the first symptoms of a potential issue with the fuel pump shut off switch is an engine that suddenly stalls while driving.
  2. Switch that trips for no reason.
  3. No start condition.

What does the fuel reset button do?

In the event of an accident, the “Fuel Reset Button” will turn off the fuel pump and system.

How do you know if an inertia switch is tripped?

if it tripped,then the button will pop up and all you need to do is push it back down until it clicks/stays down. it’s rare for the inertia switch to fail,but possible.

What is the fuel reset button for?

Is there a fuse for fuel pump?

Most fuel pumps will run a 15 (Blue) 20 (Yellow) or 25 (Clear) amp fuse. Using a fuse that’s too small will cause the fuse to blow again.

What triggers an inertia switch?

In case you don’t know the inertia switch, it is designed to shutoff the fuel pump in the event of a collision, as to not create a fire hazard if a fuel line is damaged. Inertia from a crash was used to trigger the switch. The inertia switch was reset by simply pushing the red button on the switch.

Can an inertia switch reset itself?

A good inertia switch should trip completely on a collision only(sudden stop or airbag deployment), so engine wouldn’t restart without a reset. And a good switch wouldn’t trip by being towed or hitting a bump, nor reset itself, so you could have a bad switch.