Where is the Landini tractor made?

Where is the Landini tractor made?

northern Italy
Landini. Components are manufactured and assembled at three Argo Tractors plants in northern Italy, where powershift and CVT transaxles and front axles for all models up to 140hp are built in-house.

Are Landini tractors any good?

The Landini is a really good all rounder and is perfect for running around jobs that don’t require sophistication. It is very simple to drive, reliable and has a good spec for the price. Luke and Lloyd Furse have been putting four mid-horsepower tractors through their paces over the past year.

Who manufactures Landini tractors?

Landini (tractor)

Type Subsidiary
Products Agricultural tractors
Revenue Approx. €500 million (2013)
Number of employees Approx. 1600
Parent ARGO SpA

Where are McCormick tractors manufactured?

All McCormick tractor production moved to Fabbrico, Italy. The Fabbrico site had been the main Landini factory and together with other ARGO Group factories in the area has since manufactured a common line of products carrying the Landini and McCormick brands.

Are Landini and McCormick the same?

McCormick is one. Yes, the iconic American brand that was once a juggernaut is now Italian-owned. But the firm is also behind Landini, perhaps the most famous agricultural marque to come out of Italy.

What kind of tractors does Landini tractors make?

Landini is a proud and historic Italian brand that designs and builds an extensive range of efficient, high-performance tractors, which are regarded highly by markets throughout the world.

Who was the last company to buy Landini?

Massey itself was bought by AGCO in 1994, while ARGO purchased more shares of Landini that year. The final 9% of Landini that was owned by AGCO was bought by ARGO in 2000. Landini/ARGO continued supplying some tractors to AGCO under a supply agreement.

When was Landini engines acquired by Massey Ferguson?

Landini survived by licensing Perkins engines in the 1950s, and was acquired by Massey-Ferguson in 1959. Argo SpA acquired Landini in 1994.

Why are Landini McCormick and Valpadana the same brand?

At the same time, by belonging to the same group, the 3 Brands, Landini, McCormick and Valpadana have taken advantage of the positive and successful geographical synergies achieved on the various markets, thus ensuring an all-round and widespread marketing coverage, able to provide full and reliable services to all its end customers worldwide.