Where is the Movieland warehouse key?

Where is the Movieland warehouse key?

It allows Frank to unlock the warehouse in Theater 4 of Colby’s Movieland and free Cheryl Jones after completing the scoop A Strange Group. The key is also unlocked by defeating Sean Keanan during Infinity Mode when he appears in Colby’s Movieland, but there will be a Machinegun in the warehouse instead.

Where are the car keys Dead Rising 2?

The Sports Car Key is a key item in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is available at the pawnshop in the Royal Flush Plaza, which allows access to the Roadster sports car that is on display on the bottom floor of the Royal Flush Plaza.

Where is the maintenance tunnel warehouse in Dead Rising?

Willamette Parkview Mall
The Maintenance Tunnel Key is found in the far corner behind some boxes. The key opens all of the maintenance tunnel doors throughout Willamette Parkview Mall. It is indispensable later in the game, especially in Overtime Mode.

How do you get the sports car in Dead Rising 2?

The key for the sports car can be purchased from the Just in Time Payday Loans pawnshop on the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza for $500,000. The price can be lowered with the Bargaining 1 and Bargaining 2 magazines. In Off the Record, the key costs $1,000,000.

How do you get the maintenance key in Dead Rising?

Retrieving the key At anytime, Frank can go down into the Maintenance Tunnels via the Parking Area on the west side of Leisure Park and retrieve the Maintenance Tunnel Key. Reach the door. In the very back right of the room, the maintenance tunnel key will be rotating just above the ground.

How many survivors are there in Dead Rising?

There are 49 saveable survivors in Dead Rising. Survivors are listed in the order in which they can be saved. To edit a survivor, click “edit this profile”. Notebook: Natalie’s husband.

Where is the shed dead rising 2?

the Still Creek Hotel
The shed key is found in the Still Creek Hotel. After returning the engine travel past the gas station safe house. At the building with Bob Blackrock sniping, turn left, there is a alley way behind this building.

Where can I get zombrex in Dead Rising 2?

At the center of the casino is the Lucky Marble mini-game. Climb to the top of it and you’ll be able to jump to a platform holding the Zombrex. Zombrex can also be acquired by completing the side missions “Code Blue,” “Mail Order Zombrex,” “Hunger Pains,” and by helping Sven find some alcohol during Case 5-1.

Can you drop money in Dead Rising 2?

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Walking over loose money on the ground. If there is money in laying in front of a slot machine, this means Chuck is guaranteed to win on that machine 5-6 times in a row. Breaking ATMs (Each ATM will give $2,500 in Dead Rising 2).